10 Women Rising in Gaming

January 2023

Brooke Fiumara

Hometown: Texarkana, TX

Current position: Cofounder and Co-CEO of OPTX

First position in the gaming industry: Marketing Coordinator at Fiesta Henderson

What do you like about working in gaming?

On the operator’s side, I absolutely loved that working at a resort was like operating 10 different businesses. From marketing luxury hotels to nightlife and entertainment, to happy hours to VIP Casino marketing and database marketing, you truly get exposed to everything.

On the vendor side, I love leveraging my operational knowledge to help create products that have a direct impact on EBIDTA. Sometimes I feel more effective on this side of the business than I ever did on the operational side.

Did anything surprise you about the industry when you first started?

I was surprised at how much opportunity there was for immediate growth in my career. In this industry with so many different operational verticals (supplier and operator) people have so many opportunities to pave the path for an incredible and fulfilling career.

Were you familiar with gambling before landing a job in the industry? What were your thoughts about it before starting to work in gaming? Has your impression of the industry changed at all?

I moved to Vegas from Texarkana during second grade and both my parents worked in the industry. Over the years my mother moved into the legal field, but my dad stayed in gaming. He worked in several operational roles, from VIP services to slots, route operations and beverage. He always had great stories to tell, and my impression of the industry was always positive.

Over the course of my career, I have continued to get more optimistic about our industry’s explosive growth across the world and willingness to accept new technology.

Did you apply for work in other industries? Do you think it was easier to find a job in gaming than other career paths?

I have never worked outside of the gaming industry. Opportunities in this industry continued to present themselves the more I leaned into exactly what my passions were.

Can you envision making a career in the gaming industry? Do you think there’s a long-term career path for you? What are your long-term goals?

Absolutely, I HAVE made a career for myself in this industry. Three and a half years ago when I founded OPTX I knew there was an opportunity to create cutting-edge software from the operator’s perspective; today, that has been proven with our rapid growth in North America.

Long-term, I hope to continue to do what I love, lead a world-class team who creates products that are always two steps ahead of the operational needs of the industry.

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