10 Women Rising in Gaming

January 2023

Bronwen Gregg

Hometown: Springfield, Virginia

Current position: Gaming & Casinos Portfolio Lead at Insight Global

First position in the gaming industry: Senior Account Manager at Insight Global

Did you apply for work in other industries? Do you think it was easier to find a job in gaming than other career paths?

I was not initially planning to work in the gaming industry, but I’m so grateful for the unexpected career pivot!

Insight Global opened Las Vegas as its 55th office in January 2020. We’re the second largest talent solutions firm in North America, helping our clients attract, develop, and retain talent with services including recruiting, contracting, training & upskilling, managed services, and culture & diversity consulting. When the pandemic hit, Insight Global asked me to transfer to Las Vegas with the original intention of servicing the Nevada federal market since I’d spent five successful years supporting our government services division out of Richmond, Virginia.

Upon moving, I was searching for networking groups to join, and I kept being referred to Global Gaming Women. I decided to check out a virtual networking breakfast, and that event ended up being the catalyst to my most exciting professional pivot to date – the connections I made there catapulted me into the industry and the foundation of my client base in Las Vegas became gaming instead of government.

Things took off from there, and I’m now leading a team of account managers across the US, Canada, and the UK. My company has been supporting gaming and casino clients for over a decade, but there hasn’t been dedicated portfolio management until now. I’m very proud of my strategic vision being brought to life. As talent leaders, we’re uniquely positioned to drive change during this pivotal time when the foundation of North America’s Sports Betting & iGaming industry is being laid in tandem with COVID having transformed workforce trends.

What do you like about working in gaming?

It’s absolutely invigorating being part of an industry experiencing such hyper-growth and innovation! The excited energy about what we’re creating is palpable in every meeting and industry event; it’s infectious. The world has been a stressful and divisive place lately; it’s genuinely fulfilling to bring so much happiness, comradery, and fun to consumers. We’re changing the game in entertainment, and I couldn’t love it more.

Did anything surprise you about the industry when you first started?

Coming from supporting the government services industry, I thought I was accustomed to a male-dominated sector – I was pretty shocked walking into my first gaming trade show and seeing the disparity in gender equality, not to mention the obvious lack of diversity overall.

With that being said, the opportunity for growth in this area has led to the creation of many impressive initiatives and organizations such as All-in Diversity Project. There is inspiring work being done to create as diverse a workforce as the consumers this industry represents – we just need more of it!

Were you familiar with gambling before landing a job in the industry? What were your thoughts about it before starting to work in gaming? Has your impression of the industry changed at all?

Funny enough, I’d never even touched a slot machine! Yet here I am two years later leading the Gaming & Casinos Portfolio for my company, frequently being asked to speak on panels at industry events, serving as Membership Co-Chair of Global Gaming Women, and serving as President of WISE (Women in Sports & Events) Las Vegas.

From a recruiting perspective, we’re still seeing so many hiring managers adamant about industry experience, especially in iGaming & Sports Betting. The online space isn’t even five years old in the US and the gambling industry overall still struggles with diversity – we shouldn’t be limiting innovation by increasing the barrier to entry with narrow job description requirements. Studies show that a company’s financial success is rooted in building inclusive cultures and fostering diverse hiring practices, including intentionality around the diversity of thought.

Can you envision making a career in the gaming industry? What are your long-term goals?

I would definitely love to continue my career in the gaming industry! I’m really enjoying the present moment, building and leading the Gaming & Casinos Portfolio at Insight Global – I couldn’t be prouder of the team I’m developing and the impact we’re making on the growth of the industry by recruiting great talent for our clients. Right now, I’m focused on growing our client base and helping drive workforce change beyond recruiting through training & upskilling, culture & diversity consulting, etc. We just opened our London office last year, and I’m excited for our international expansion to continue as well – I especially can’t wait for all the travel!

Long-term, I’m very interested in executive leadership and serving on more boards – maybe even founding an organization myself. Role models like Jan Jones Blackhurst, Becky Harris, Amy Howe, Sue Schneider, and Jette Nygaard-Andersen are inspirations and I’d be honored to continue paving a path for future generations of female leaders in gaming.

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