In store for 2024: Hear from conference organizers on expected trends

December 28, 2023 12:56 PM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
December 28, 2023 12:56 PM

This is the first of two CDC Gaming end of year pieces. The second one where 19 industry experts chime in on their 2024 predictions will publish tomorrow afternoon.

Conferences are opportunities for everyone from C-suite executives to social media influencers to take the pulse of the gaming industry. Here’s what conference organizers are looking forward to in 2024.

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Cristian Robalino, VP Marketing Americas, SBC

I’m most excited about AI-centric discussions in the dynamic realms of igaming and sports betting in 2024. As technology continues to evolve in the industry, the prospect of engaging with cutting-edge AI advancements and innovative solutions is truly exciting. The convergence of artificial intelligence and the fast-paced world of online gaming and sports wagering promises to redefine user experiences, enhance decision-making processes, and elevate the overall landscape of entertainment.

SBC’s conferences provide a unique opportunity to delve into thought-provoking discussions, gain insights from industry leaders, and explore the potential synergies between AI and the rapidly evolving sectors. With an optimistic outlook, I look forward to unraveling the possibilities and discovering how AI will shape the future of these immersive and ever-evolving forms of entertainment.

Deana Scott, CEO & Owner, Raving

Heading into 2024, the trend of tight budgets and limited staff continues. Casinos are responding with competitive wages and benefits, while savvy leaders are investing in the development of their existing team. Technology plays a dual role, not only by optimizing workflows and automation, but also creating flexible learning environments both on- and off-site.

When schedules are already full, it’s difficult to plan for a conference or in-person training. New learning formats, webinars, and online platforms give a fresh advantage.

Korbi Carrison, Event Vice President, G2E at RX

Gaming-tradeshow attendees will continue to demonstrate strong interest in all gaming sectors in 2024 and meeting this wide range of demand will be crucial to event success.

Importantly, the core of our industry, brick-and-mortar gaming, is stronger than ever. According to the American Gaming Association, in-person slots and table games are on pace for a record revenue year in the U.S. As we saw at G2E 2023, this means electronic gaming machines and electronic table games will be a main draw for attendees, as will innovations in digital-payment technologies for the in-person casino experience.

Evolutions in the igaming sector will also make their way onto the show floor in 2024. While new online casino games continue to roll out, so do emerging technologies designed to support the vertical, representing an expansion in the overall igaming ecosystem that will be represented on show floors.

And finally, both on the expo floor and in education programming, we expect to see the enduring relevance of sports betting in the broader gaming landscape, as the sector continues to mature in the U.S.

Throughout all these trends, a common thread persists: the imperative of convening the industry to do business, network, and share insights. And 2024 will be no different.

Maureen Beddis, Senior Vice President, Membership and Events, American Gaming Association

Global Gaming Expo’s success in 2023 once again highlighted the critical role convening our industry plays in leading our industry forward. While exploring the latest and greatest gaming products will always be the mainstay of G2E, industry stakeholders continue to place a growing emphasis on the value of idea sharing. As we look ahead to G2E 2024, meeting this expanding demand will be a key focus.

From discussions on emerging technologies to sessions on building a responsible sustainable marketplace, G2E 2023’s education program proved hugely popular, in part due to our first-ever call for industry submissions for content and speakers. Casting an even wider net for industry input in the coming year will be critical to growing our offerings for G2E 2024.

Similarly, new entrants and startups in the gaming space are increasingly injecting new energy and ideas into the industry. Identifying and showcasing these companies on the expo floor and in education sessions will be essential to continuing to put G2E on the cutting edge of industry innovation as we bring the future of gaming to Las Vegas this October.