Talks to ban gambling ads begin in Argentina

Talks to ban gambling ads begin in Argentina

Article brief provided by SBC News
  • Viktor Kayed, SBC News
May 19, 2024 4:00 PM

In a move to try and curb problem gambling rates in the country, Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies has started to look into the newly-proposed policies against pathological gambling behaviour.

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The Commission for the Prevention of Addictions and Control of Drug Trafficking will be tasked with reviewing the proposals and decide whether they are suitable for implementation.

Part of the proposed mandate is the blanket ban on gambling ads, which was put forward by national deputy Maximiliano Ferraro. He believes that the country is currently experiencing an “epidemic” of problem gambling that was caused by the current regulations on gambling advertisements.

“Compulsive gambling is being a global problem, greater access through online games is affecting the lives of thousands of young people and families…” Ferraro said.