U.S. Integrity, Odds On Compliance, complete merger

April 23, 2024 1:37 PM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
April 23, 2024 1:37 PM

U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance Tuesday announced the completion of their merger. Going forward, the companies will be known as Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360).

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The merger was first announced in October, 2023.

According to a release, IC360 will leverage the combined expertise, resources, and industry knowledge of U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance to deliver solutions that allow organizations to achieve and maintain high standards of integrity and compliance.

“The coming together of U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance represents a strategic alignment of values and a shared commitment to excellence,” said IC360 CEO Matt Holt, former CEO of U.S. Integrity, in a statement. “As IC360, we are dedicated to providing our clients with 360-degree solutions that address their unique compliance challenges, ensuring they can operate with integrity and confidence in today’s complex regulatory environment.”

IC360’s services include integrity monitoring, compliance advisory, and education. The company will also feature products such as the Integrity Monitoring dashboard, which monitors real-time sports integrity issues; PlayBookAI, an online source of sports betting laws and regulations; and ProhiBet, a solution for ensuring compliance for athletes, coaches, and staff.

“Our vision is clear: to help lead our industry forward on compliance and integrity standards, empowering our partners to raise the bar,” said IC360 President and former Odds On Compliance CEO Eric Frank. “We believe the IC360 brand represents just that. This is only the beginning of an exciting chapter for Integrity Compliance 360.”

“With a comprehensive suite of services and leveraging the collective expertise of U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance, this is an evolution of a journey dedicated to setting industry benchmarks and creating a one-stop-shop for integrity and compliance needs,” said former U.S. Integrity Chief Operating Officer Scott Sadin, now Chief Operating Officer of IC360. “Integrity Compliance 360 looks forward to a future marked by continued growth, impactful partnerships, and a steadfast dedication to the highest standards of integrity and compliance.”