OPTX to unveil new products at G2E

October 9, 2022 7:00 PM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
October 9, 2022 7:00 PM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports

Las Vegas-based data-platform company OPTX is unveiling new products and added features at the Global Gaming Expo that co-CEO Brooke Fiumara said will help propel the three-year-old company even further.

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OPTX is a data platform that focuses on ingesting the data from the disparate systems within a casino and turning that into operational functionality in the areas of slots, marketing, and player development.

“This year’s G2E will be our second year in person and third overall,” Fiumara said. “It’s fairly new for us as an organization and every year has been better than the last. We expect this year to have an incredible turnout for the show and specifically for OPTX (at booth number 1824).”

During G2E in Las Vegas, the company will unveil two new products.

The first is OPTX Enterprise, an enterprise solution designed specifically for the nuances of multi-property operators, Fiumara said.

“It enables them to view their business across the enterprise and evaluate players based on enterprise worth,” Fiumara said. “It provides proprietary logic for defining such things as a player’s home property and the property that they play at the most often, based on multiple dimensions of behavioral data.”

The second is Slot Dispatch, which provides an integrated solution for automation and real-time dispatching of events, Fiumara said. It manages many different things happening on the slot floor at any given time. A mobile-friendly system, it’s allows team members and managers to manage the slot floor and slot-tech operations, while communicating in real time.

In addition, OPTX will demonstrate many new artificial-intelligence features, including one for the slot-swap simulator, which uses AI to determine the outcome of any slot swap on their floor.

“You can also execute marketing campaigns based on future players’ worth,” Fiumara said.

Traditional segmentation or an evaluation of a player uses previous behavior to determine that a player is worth X, Y, or Z, Fiumara said. But with OPTX Marketing AI, operators can now predict future player worth and incentivize players based on that prediction.

“It’s a great way to start to optimize all of the existing campaigns that an operator is running. Initial results show that OPTX AI future player-worth models are 30% more accurate than traditional segmentation,” Fiumara said. “Today, a casino might have four or five recurring monthly campaigns. With the new Marketing AI features, managers can work toward complete optimization of those campaigns by weeding out the players the model thinks will be unprofitable and pulling in the players they think have more upside opportunities, given the right offer.”

This year’s G2E “marks a celebration of sorts of what an incredible year it’s been for OPTX” with its rapid growth and expansion with new clients, Fiumara said. OPTX is averaging one to two installations per week, she added.

“We’re really excited about the progress and growth that our organization has made in such a short period of time,” Fiumara said. “We have the best team in the business and anyone looking to expand their operation or their system or is looking for a new tool that does more than just analytics should definitely check out OPTX.”

G2E is an important annual event for OPTX, Fiumara said. It’s a time and a place where they can see many of their current and potential customers in a three-day window and utilize that time to give the highlights.

“It’s sensory overload for us and them and we know that,” Fiumara said. “We use this time to just show them the new features and functionalities or give them the high-level overview of the product. Then we go back and follow up after the show. We’ve had tremendous success the past two years. This year, we really think it will set up our 2023 for record numbers.”