JCM to feature personalized tech roadmap at G2E

October 3, 2023 9:02 PM
Photo: CDC Gaming Reports
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
October 3, 2023 9:02 PM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

JCM Global’s presence at the Global Gaming Expo will feature a “personalized technology roadmap” that mirrors a player’s time at a casino. The Las Vegas-based provider of transaction and payment technologies will be at Booth 4039 on the expo floor.

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The products featured by JCM will include:

  • iVIZION and UBA Pro bill validators that, according to the company, enable guests to quickly validate transactions.
  • FUZION system technology that features iTITO, enabling mobile-powered cashless transactions through the Bluetooth connectivity of JCM’s Mobile I/O device and the communication pathway of JCM’s Peripheral Network Adapter.
  • Innovative ticket-in/ticket-out printing solutions, including the GEN5thermal printer, the CouponXpress printer, the PromoNet system, and TITA that permit operators to communicate directly with customers and deliver fast and accurate payouts, as well as promotional offers for carded and uncarded players.
  • Digital Signage Solutions, a technology that uses leading DSS technologies like DSS MAX-R, DSS VB Diamond, and DSS CLEAR to create transparent displays and virtual environments to immerse guests.
  • ICB Intelligent Cash Box system and ICB ASAP robotic automation units account for transactions. Digital and automatic asset tracking with ICB streamlines the drop process, saves time and reduces disruptions to play on the slot floor for customers.