Focus on OPTX: Celebrating four years with milestones and more on the horizon

July 21, 2023 8:00 AM
Photo: CDC Gaming Reports
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
July 21, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
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When Brooke Fiumara, who at the time was chief marketing officer for Warner Gaming, envisioned the possibilities of a more robust, intuitive, innovative casino data platform, she didn’t seek a solution…she created one.

The enterprising entrepreneur ventured outside of her corporate comfort zone to become co-founder and co-chief executive officer of OPTX. The result was a revolutionary data platform for the casino industry designed to collect data from disparate systems within a casino and convert it into operational functionality.

OPTX, in just four years, has blossomed into a veritable prodigy within the treasure trove of slot machine and player data that has become capable of being retrieved and analyzed. The company’s exponential growth has seen its platform installed at over 63 properties in 28 licensed jurisdictions across 17 states.

Brooke Fiumara

“It has been four years of tremendous success,” Fiumara acknowledged. “In addition to our platform, we offer over 10 product modules to our clients in the areas of marketing, slots and player development.

“These product modules enable our customers to streamline their gaming operations with real-time data that provides comprehensive insight into a variety of metrics such as customer engagement, financial performance, compliance monitoring, and game optimization, just to name a few areas.”

Noting that clients can also take advantage of the intuitive user interface of OPTX, Fiumara said that some of the most frequent feedback comes from customers who are amazed at how easy the product is to use and how intuitive the UI really is, adding “They remark how easy it is for them to navigate through the system and access information so quickly.”

“The ability to analyze key performance indicators allows our clients to make informed decisions about their business strategies, which ultimately leads to increased revenue,” she noted.

“We have put much thought over the past four years into how to make a product that not only has the best features and functionality, but is also easily adopted by the team. I believe we have accomplished that goal.”

Major releases and new products continue to emerge, including OPTX Enterprise, which, according to Fiumara, was designed to revolutionize analytics in the gaming industry for multi-site properties.

“I am really excited about Enterprise being the game changer,” she said. “Our multi-sites analytic tool offers operators an impressive view of all their properties, machines, and players, side-by-side, allowing them to easily compare information, and create enterprise metrics and attributes.

“Utilizing OPTX, they can quickly spot trends and patterns that would otherwise take many hours across multiple sites to combine and realize.”

Another new product from OPTX is Slot Dispatch, which provides an integrated solution for automation and real-time dispatching of events by managing a variety of things happening on the slot floor at any given time.

Following one year of developmental iteration in real-time situations, Slot Dispatch, according to Fiumara, is a platform that not only offers superior features and functionality, it provides the intuitive user experience for which OPTX is known.

“The team behind our Slot Dispatch worked very hard to make sure the product met all of the real-time demands of slot techs, attendants, supervisors, and managers, while providing a great experience for their most valued patrons. I think it is a great addition.”

Fiumara, reflecting back four years ago when OPTX was launched up to the present, has observed more operators looking toward a single company, a single platform, that takes on multiple business needs.

She said that the diversification into Slot Dispatch not only aligns really well with her company’s current product offering, but shows operators that there is a technology partner that can provide a multitude of services under one single platform.

“The operator wins,” she said. “They have only to work with one vendor and one phone number. This creates a really nice partnership between us and the client.”

Another area of research continuing to evolve for OPTX is AI. Fiumara assures that OPTX is at the forefront of innovation with this emerging field. She says that OPTX is prepared with cutting-edge technology and an intuitive delivery platform, enabling her company to revolutionize AI in the gaming industry.

Among the accomplishments within the field of AI for OPTX, according to Fiumara, are insights and recommendations that have enabled slot analysis by 30 percent and other models that have increased player worth evaluations by 30 percent, resulting in an immediate measurable return on investment for OPTX clients.

“None of this was possible before AI,” she said. “The way that OPTX has incorporated AI into our functionality has really changed the landscape. All of our product modules have an AI add-on, if you will, making AI possible throughout the features and functionality. It is yet another intuitive way to incorporate AI into your business.”

Fiumara credits OPTX for coining the term “Your Decision-Making Co-Pilot” when it comes to AI. It is something that guides you by revealing new opportunities, she maintains, but ultimately it is human intelligence that makes the final decisions.

“We whole-heartedly believe AI is never going to replace humans in this business,” she said. “I think this is a really exciting time for OPTX because we have always researched the best way to incorporate AI in a way that is going to resonate with the user.”

“With the market itself resonating with AI outside of work, it becomes apparent how people want to interact with it. It is a really great position to be in where we can now continually develop our features alongside what we know is working in a larger landscape in people’s everyday lives.”

Fiumara confirms that OPTX is continuing its pursuit of development and innovation in the AI space, with plans to expand its range of features that leverage machine learning algorithms. This, she maintains, will ensure OPTX customers can use the company’s technologies and latest applications to power their operations as well as provide a better customer experience.

“Our commitment to developing AI driven solutions is going to help our customers stay ahead of the competition and drive their business into the future,” she said. “Our proactive research teams are dedicated to staying on top of emerging developments. We are confident that we will remain at the forefront of AI and innovation not only today but into the future.”

Building strong relationships with clients is the number one priority at OPTX, Fiumara believes, adding “Because if you do that, it creates a path of mutual long-term success.”