Focus on JCM Global: PromoNet puts great deals into players’ pockets

April 2, 2024 8:00 AM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
April 2, 2024 8:00 AM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

JCM Global recently installed PromoNet, the company’s promotional couponing system, at two casinos owned by a Native American Tribe in California. PromoNet identifies and tracks player trends and variations, allowing operators to cater to patrons’ preferences. It’s also straightforward in its execution: PromoNet produces physical coupons for food and beverage comps, lodging discounts, gameplay, and other casino offerings.

The coupons are physical reminders to patrons that they can access benefits and promotions.

“Having something you can receive right at the machine, walk out of the casino and come back to, you still have that value in your pocket,” says JCM Global Product Manager Chris Blevens. “You’re carrying it around with you. It’s something tangible. You can see that it’s going to expire on a certain date, and you’re going to miss out if you don’t do something.”

PromoNet is customizable, allowing marketing teams to use the couponing solution system for various promotions. Operators can inform patrons about restaurant specials, new slot games, and other offers.

Blevens also notes that PromoNet is scalable and doesn’t need to be run across an entire casino floor.

“If an operator has a few banks of machines that are underperforming, they can install PromoNet and offer coupons directly at those machines and try to drive coin up,” he says. “Typically, when they have machines that are underperforming, they have to upgrade them, and typically those conversions cost up to $3,000 per machine. PromoNet is much more economical to be able to try to change that performance.”

One feature that is surprisingly useful for operators is Bounce Back promotions. PromoNet will print a coupon that isn’t immediately redeemable. Patrons may have to wait a few days to redeem these coupons.

One of the more popular Bounce Back promos involves free gas coupons.

“You’re walking out of the casino with a free get gas coupon, and it’s only eligible two days later,” Blevens says. “It gets that player to come back to the casino to play, and they can fill up their tank too. That was one of our most redeemed coupons.”

PromoNet, which simultaneously connects to slot machines and card readers, also is able to identify uncarded players and send them promotional offers. Blevens says that when an uncarded player is identified, the casino can create a promotion for that status. Promotions also can be directed specifically to carded players.

“They (operators) can differentiate (between carded and uncarded players), or they can say I don’t care whether they are carded or not, I just want to give this promotion to anyone who meets my triggers,” Blevens says.

PromoNet was first tested by operators on the Las Vegas Strip. One of the biggest takeaways from those initial tests was that it’s more economical for operators to offer free drink coupons after patrons had reached a certain level of play.

“They had so much savings that the system paid for itself within a month,” Blevens shares. “Just an enormous ROI. Those bartenders were getting pressured to give out free drinks. There was a really fast return in that type of scenario. And they also saw that the amount of coin in from players was also going up. So, you don’t have a player sitting at the bar pretending to play a machine. They actually have to play and earn their drinks.”