Focus on JCM Global: Mobile IO and other tools make going cashless easy

September 23, 2022 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
September 23, 2022 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports

Twenty-first century technology has made it possible to have the world at your fingertips with a hand-held communication device that hundreds-of-millions of people from around the globe carry with them wherever they go.

Conducting business, completing financial transactions, and making purchases merely touch the surface of what can be done at the touch of a finger, and how, in a relatively short period of time, such conveniences are for the most part taken for granted.

JCM Global, the undisputed leader in creating innovative and award-winning automated transaction technologies and solutions for business and industry, has for more than half a century been at the forefront of exploring for opportunities in a limitless frontier.

Commercial casino gaming, a multi-billion-dollar world-wide industry, did not escape the attention of JCM Global executives, who realized electronic gaming devices in particular, and casino floors in general, operate on the cutting edge of electronic capabilities just waiting to be revealed.

Cashless is a trend that is picking up momentum, and there is no better market for it than the cash-driven casino gaming industry. JCM Global was a step ahead of the competition when they recognized the potential of cashless a decade ago and has been at the forefront in this component ever since.

Tens of millions of casino goers crossing every demographic come to casinos armed with their smartphones and iphones. A majority of them enter the doors to the properties very familiar with the conveniences their devices can afford and how to use them.

Knocking on the door of opportunity and watching it open is where JCM Global enters the picture.

Chris Blevens, product manager for JCM Global, acknowledges his company is fulfilling a need with cashless, but at the same time he doesn’t envision complete industry-wide takeover – at least in the foreseeable future.

“Up to now, players typically only have cash or a credit or debit card for use at the ATM,” Blevens said. “Cashless makes their account balance available to them and creates more options for casino guests. That said, I don’t see cashless as a replacement for cash.”

Blevens acknowledged the obvious benefits for the casino property owner, including increased revenue with a guest’s access to cash.

“The one big benefit that cannot be overlooked is that once players start using their mobile devices, the casino has access to a new data connection point with the player,” Blevens added.

Making all of this possible is JCM Global’s revolutionary and cutting-edge FUZION, the technology that literally drives everything. A slot machine equipped with a FUZION system gives casino operators limitless possibilities, not the least of which is cashless.

The gateway to making contactless transactions seamless and user-friendly at any electronic gaming device is powered by JCM’s new BLE (Bluetooth low energy) Mobile I/O technology.

The BLE Mobile I/O is plugged into the USB port of JCM’s Peripheral Network Adaptor unit inside of the gaming device. Once connected, mobile applications developed to interface with BLE Mobile I/O allow players to use their mobile device to securely identify their EGM location, conduct transactions, receive and act on marketing and promotions, verify their wagering ID, and much more.

The benefits are limitless for both casino operators and the players themselves. Because it’s Bluetooth based, it enables connection with any mobile device. Any application can interface with BLE Mobile I/O through secure APIs.

The BLE Mobile I/O is system and EGM agnostic which makes it compatible with any EGM that has JCM Global’s iVIZION or UBA Pro bill validator, GEN5 printer, and FUZION technology.

“Any integrated mobile wallet application can use FUZION technology to add a cashless interface to a slot machine,” Blevens said. “It makes it possible to take a physical TITO ticket, virtualize it, and send it back to the player’s wallet.”

JCM Global has three properties that are operating with FUZION technology, including Resorts World Las Vegas and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento.

Making partnerships in the cashless wallet sector gives JCM Global the opportunity to work with providers to integrate their mobile wallets with FUZION, bringing cashless to slot machines.

JCM is positioned favorably with its technology and services to lead the way in cashless. FUZION is a standard option for the company’s existing iVIZION and GEN5 customers, according to Blevens.

“Our technology and services occupy a large footprint in the market,” he said. “If they have our products, they have the ability to add FUZION.”

“We are the solution for cash management on the casino floor. Customer service is at the center of everything JCM does. That really separates us from our competitors.”

John G. Brokopp is a veteran of 50 years of professional journalist experience in the horse racing and gaming industries