Caesars’s Corporate Responsibility Report tracks progress in key areas

June 6, 2024 8:34 PM
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
June 6, 2024 8:34 PM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports

Caesars Entertainment’s Corporate Responsibility Report, released Thursday, highlights the company’s progress on environmental impact, team member development, community investment, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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“At Caesars Entertainment, we’re committed to continuing to develop, diversify and achieve our CSR goals,” said Caesars Entertainment SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility Heather Rapp in a statement. “We’ve been in a period of progress as we met and exceeded our interim emission reduction goals three years ahead of schedule, and because of that work, we were able to implement new, more ambitious goals this year. Our success in our environmental impact category motivates us to keep growing and achieving in our CSR efforts across the board. We look forward to continuing to grow and make a difference in the communities where we live, work and play.”

The report highlights progress made by Caesars in four areas in 2023.

Environmental impact: The operator achieved its emission reduction goal three years ahead of schedule in 2022, resulting in the implementation of a new greenhouse gas reduction goal of 46.2% by 2030 from a 2019 baseline. Caesars also finalized initiatives to improve the carbon profile and overall impact of its convention center, Caesars Forum, in Las Vegas, including a green cleaning program; a monitoring-based commissioning, which uses data and feedback to ensure major mechanical systems are operating optimally; and a composting program. These initiatives enabled Caesars Forum to achieve a Gold-level certification against the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Last year Caesars held its first enterprise-wide Business Impact Group (BIG) summit, inviting leaders from across the country to attend a two-day workshop in Las Vegas. The summit featured evaluations of each of BIG’s role within the company, shared learnings and best practices, and developed strategies for each group moving forward. The summit also served as a professional development opportunity for attendees.

Community Investment: The Caesars Makes Change program expanded to nearly 40 Caesars Entertainment destinations across the country. Guests can now donate a portion of their slot cash-out tickets to charitable organizations. In 2023, Caesars Makes Change program donated more than $1.25 million to the operator’s partner organizations, Meals on Wheels America and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Team Member Support: In 2023 Caesars introduced “Leading the Empire,” a quarterly publication for salaried team members to spur self-development and professional growth. The publication is a leadership development tool providing information about the five pillars of the Company’s leadership framework, with links to additional learning and online resources. By the end of 2023, Caesars’ leaders had completed more than 3,100 learning programs offered through “Leading the Empire,” investing more than 2,300 hours in self-development.