Italy to begin generational overhaul of gambling laws

Italy to begin generational overhaul of gambling laws

Article brief provided by SBC News
  • Ted Menmuir, SBC News
July 19, 2023 8:13 PM

Italy’s Chamber of Deputies has approved the ‘Tax Delegation Law’, a decree that paves the way for ‘industry reorganisation’ of the Italian gambling sector. The bill has been forwarded to the Senate for its secondary approval where it is expected to face no challenges in its passage into law.

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Backing the mandate, Deputy Minister for the Economy Maurizio Leo expressed the government’s intention to finalise the approval before the summer break in August. At the start of the year, Leo was assigned to lead a delegation drafting reforms to modernise the Italian gambling market.

Upon receiving its final approval, the government anticipates a timeline of 18-24 months for drafting the implementation of decree reforms.