Banner ads specs

Below are our email and web banner specs, revised August 8, 2022, and subject to change.


  • 720×180 – Tall banner
  • 720×120 – Standard banner
  • Animations must in GIF format, no more than 6 frames per second, and no more than 10 seconds. The first frame of animation should show important information.
    • Maximum size for animated banner – either 60 frames or 2 MB (file size limit applies if you cannot limit framerate)
    • If you cannot accommodate this, we can turn your banner into a GIF slideshow.


Please ensure your are designing your banner ad for the correct spot and type included in your contract (e.g. only submit a Tall banner if your contract signifies that).

  • 720×180 – Tall banner
  • 720×120 – Standard banner
  • 400×400 – Square web banner
  • 250×600 – Side panel web banner
  • 1000×200 – Top panel web banner
  • HTML5 banners accepted.
  • Smooth animations at 30 frames per second permitted – we will convert them to web video for speedy loading. 10 second animation limitation still applies.