Poll of Nevadans shows strong support for ending smoking in Nevada casinos to finally protect workers

April 24, 2024 10:13 AM
  • CDC Newswire
April 24, 2024 10:13 AM

Berkeley, CA – Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights President and CEO Cynthia Hallett released the following statement in response to a new poll released today showing Nevadans, by a nearly 20-point margin, favor ending indoor smoking at Nevada casinos: 

“Nevada legislators should take note: Voters want action to protect casino workers and the nearly 90% of non-smoking guests from dangerous secondhand smoke. Even when industry opponents spend millions on their arguments against this commonsense law, the research shows they will essentially be lighting their money on fire – Nevadans are firm in support of protecting workers. As part of the growing coalition that is led by casino workers themselves, we are working to find a solution to ensure every worker has clean air on the job. We’ll explore every avenue to make this a reality as quickly as possible.”

The Nevada Tobacco Control & Smoke-free Coalition released a poll today that finds a clear majority of Nevadans support ending indoor smoking at Nevada casinos and other workplaces in the Silver State.

By a nearly 20-point margin, Nevada voters support making all workplaces in Nevada, including casinos, 100% smokefree indoors–even after hearing an onslaught of expected opposition arguments. A clear majority–58%–of Nevada voters support a potential law, while just 39% of Nevada voters are opposed to such a law.

Nevada voters also favor elected officials who support making casinos smokefree indoors. A majority (55%) would have a more favorable opinion of their legislators representing them in Carson City if they voted to make all workplaces smokefree indoors. Read the full polling memo here.