Gold star as MIRACL awarded ISO 27001 accreditation

July 28, 2023 1:39 PM
  • CDC Newswire
July 28, 2023 1:39 PM
  • CDC Newswire

MIRACL Technologies, provider of the world’s fastest single-step, passwordless, multi-factor authentication, today reveals that it has been awarded ISO 27001 accreditation, with immediate effect. Such was the efficiency of the team, it was granted a month earlier than expected.

Regarded as the international benchmark for information security, organisations are subject to rigorous inspection of their ISMS (Information Security Management System) procedures and policies – and have to demonstrate exceptional standards in order to achieve ISO 27001 accreditation.

The scope for the certification covers its multi-factor authentication, Single Sign-On and IAM solutions. Omlis, the organisation’s parent company, MIRACL Technologies and MIRACL Solutions are all covered within the awarded ISO 27001 certification.

The core product for the business is MIRACL Trust, a passwordless, single-step, multi-factor authentication that requires either a two-second PIN or biometric to login. It is increasingly used by gaming, fintech and a number of other sectors where delivering customers the smoothest login possible is a game-changer for profit potential or simply to provide the very best login user experience.

Equally, for those looking for a login solution to easily comply with GDPR, as no data is stored and with the addition of the ISO 27001 accreditation, it’s an obvious solution.

Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL comments, “This accreditation is incredibly important – it provides our customers and users absolute reassurance that any sensitive information held by our organisation, including biometric data, is handled with the utmost care and protected inline with industry best practice.  It’s yet another milestone for MIRACL as we continue to grow into a number of sectors and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the operations of our organisation. Thanks goes to the hard work of our dedicated team for making it happen.”

Grant Wyatt, COO at MIRACL added, “To achieve ISO 27001 took a lot of hard work and perseverance to make sure that no stone was left unturned as our processes and procedures, as a business, were put under severe scrutiny – and rightly so. To pass on the first go was a testament to not only the efforts but also the high standard of our procedures throughout the organisation. We look forward to continuing our efforts so that our high standards are maintained and reviewed on an ongoing basis.”

MIRACL is software-based and API-enabled to work from any device or browser. This means a quick and seamless integration with any device or platform being used. The software doesn’t store personal data, passwords or PINs, so it’s fully resistant to remote attacks – with zero security vulnerabilities.

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