Scientific Games’s new optical technology enhances Lotto Hessen in Germany

September 12, 2023 8:27 PM
Photo: Scientific Games
  • CDC Gaming Reports
September 12, 2023 8:27 PM

Scientific Games will bring the company’s camera-based lottery technology to Lotto Hessen in Wiesbaden, Germany, through a new contract.

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Moving the lottery retail experience to maximum transactional transparency for both retailers and players, 2,200 of the company’s Contour.v terminals will be installed at Lotto Hessen retailers. Lotto Hessen’s gaming system is currently being converted to Scientific Games’ advanced Symphony system as part of the lottery’s ongoing modernization.

Offering both clerk and player HD screens, contactless player interactions, and mobile scanning, the Contour.v terminals represent Scientific Games’ new-era lottery-retailer technology. The Contour.v was innovated by the company as its newest, high-performance terminal to meet evolving market demand in the lottery retail environment.

Martin J. Blach, Managing Director for Lotto Hessen, said, “For 20 years, Lotto Hessen has successfully led with Scientific Games’ support to continually offer our retailers and players a modern lottery experience. The camera-based Contour.v terminals are part of our overall plan to continue innovating that experience and responsibly adapting to retail trends and consumer behavior.”

Lotto Hessen is one of the first in-market implementations of Contour.v globally. The camera-based terminals feature an open and transparent ticket-scan area and HD screens configurable for both clerk and player view. The company’s new line of Contour terminals was designed with durability and user experience in mind. A uni-body eliminates unnecessary parts for reliability. Advanced optics technology enhances speed of service. The Contour terminals also offer easy processing and a variety of options for ongoing software upgrades.

“The lottery ecosystem is increasingly complex and Scientific Games’ global innovation teams continue to respond with advanced retail and digital systems. We’ve invested in the best camera-based terminal for international markets with the Contour.v technology,” said Matthias Müller, VP of Sales & Marketing for Scientific Games. “Our modular solutions and third-party integrations allow lotteries flexibility without diminishing quality and reliability. The Contour.v terminals signify a new era for Scientific Games with the most advanced optics and pattern recognition software.”

In addition to retailer technology, the company provides Lotto Hessen’s gaming systems technology, instant-game management system, and sports betting solution, as well as instant scratch games and the Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership, a technology-driven instant-game management program that drives sales performance.

Scientific Games provides retail and digital games, technology, analytics and services to 130 lotteries in 50 countries. The company is the largest lottery systems technology provider in Europe.