Rivalry looks to expand Ontario reach with original casino product

March 22, 2023 11:22 AM
  • Mark Keast, CDC Gaming Reports
March 22, 2023 11:22 AM

In an igaming market as competitive as Ontario’s, every  operator is looking to get a leg up.

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Quality product and differentiation are two of the secrets when it comes to the future of online betting in Ontario.

Toronto-based Rivalry, a sports-betting, online-casino, and esports company, today announced the launch of their in-house-engineered casino platform Casino.exe in Ontario.

“We’ve taken a strategic approach that prioritizes design, user experience, and the selective curation of games geared for a targeted audience of next-generation users,” Rivalry co-founder and CEO Steven Salz stated. “Rivalry continues to find business-defining strength through product innovation, investing in a unique user experience, and engineering entertainment into our platform.”

Rivalry is debuting its casino platform with a total of eight games. The company has launched a proprietary platform to house games and create a custom gaming experience. According to a news release, casino has contributed 30 percent of betting handle and 15 percent of revenue in Q3 2022 to the company.

“Launching our casino experience with a proven product that we’ve validated in our other markets is an exciting next step as we continue to grow our reach and offering in Ontario,” said Salz. “Casino.exe has been a catalyst for our business and a meaningful addition for our users, delivering a premium, interactive, and proprietary experience that differentiates our brand in a competitive market.”

The company introduced its third-party casino game Aviator last summer and has added table games and a live dealer. Rivalry also plans to launch a mobile app in Ontario.