Pointsbet Canada secures Responsible Gambling Council accreditation

January 19, 2023 12:14 PM
  • Mark Keast, CDC Gaming Reports
January 19, 2023 12:14 PM

With the issue of too much gambling advertising very much in the news in Canada – an Ipsos poll this week found that nearly half of Canadians (48 percent) say they agree (17 percent strongly, 31 percent somewhat) that the amount and volume of gambling advertising needs to be cut back – responsible-gambling policy also has pushed to the forefront.

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In a highly competitive digital-gaming and sports-betting market like the one in Ontario, with  37 legal entities currently licensed to offer online gambling in the province, receiving accreditation under the RG Check program provided by the Responsible Gambling Council can set operators apart.

PointsBet Canada (and PointsBet USA) announced this week that they have been approved for accreditation under the program by the RGC, a Toronto-based leading authority on responsible gaming, operating independently from the gaming industry.

The RG Check program is considered a rigorous responsible-gambling accreditation process, created with the input of gaming providers, industry stakeholders, policy makers, players, and people who have struggled with gambling addiction.

“A source of pride for PointsBet Canada has been our ability to deliver an exciting product for consumers rooted in safe responsible gaming,” said Scott Vanderwel, CEO of PointsBet Canada, in an email. “The importance of Ontario’s licensed market is not only about creating a level-playing field, but it also encourages responsible gaming. Receiving the RG Check accreditation is a badge of honour for our team and demonstrates our commitment to elevating the responsible-gaming standard for the industry in Ontario.”

Accreditation is in place for three years after approval by the Accreditation Panel. The objective of the program is for operators to go above and beyond when it comes to implementing responsible-gambling codes of practice that educate, protect, and support players.

“Our promise is to continue prioritizing best responsible gambling practices while always striving to provide an unrivalled experience to sports bettors and gaming enthusiasts,” said Chantal Cipriano, vice president of legal, compliance, and government relations at PointsBet Canada, in a statement.

RGC CEO Shelley White added, “This achievement is a strong demonstration of PointsBet’s commitment to prioritizing player protection, education, and harm minimization throughout its operations.

“RG Check is an invaluable tool for managing risk and monitoring the overall effectiveness of RG programming and provides a roadmap for continuous improvement.”