Oregon Council on Problem Gambling announces Research Center funding opportunities

Oregon Council on Problem Gambling announces Research Center funding opportunities

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May 24, 2022 9:45 PM
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The Oregon Council on Problem Gambling (OCPG) Research Center is requesting proposals for its first funding cycle.

The OCPG Research Center is a newly created program that encourages and promotes research and learning to inform lasting solutions to problem-gambling-related services and problems facing the state of Oregon and the nation. Its priorities include research into:

  • Player protection and help promotion. For example, information informing best practices for effective player protection strategies as well as the marketing of treatment.
  • Prevention and treatment. For example, research into better understanding youth gambling, sports betting, and/or problem gambling among underserved communities such as veterans, developmentally disabled, and LGBTQ in Oregon.
  • Policy. For example, research reviews and global policy scans relevant to informing gambling policy in Oregon.

Funding will also be provided for innovative projects in other areas.

The Oregon Gambling Research Center supports rigorous, objective, and accessible research in a range of projects that develop expertise in the areas of gambling, problem gambling, problem-gambling services, workforce development, and gambling policy. Proposals are requested semi-annually and awards from $3,000 to $20,000 are granted

OCPG Executive Director Gina Parziale explained, “We believe that decisions made by the state to increase gambling, either by allowing new forms of gambling, by increasing access to gambling, or by increasing the promotion of gambling, should be done in a manner which takes into consideration any potential harm associated with the expansion and place measures into effect to minimize potential social and emotional costs. This research will enhance OCPG’s ability to provide fact based guidance to policy makers in these areas. The research will also provide a better understanding of those impacted by problem gambling to guide creation and implementation of prevention and treatment services.”

Director Andrea Dassopoulos said, “We are looking forward to building relationships with researchers, developing interesting projects and becoming a resource for community stakeholders. We hope to receive proposals from a broad range of fields and topics.”

Aristocrat, the Oregon Health Authority, and the Oregon Lottery are Founding Sponsors of the Research Center. Additional support has been received from Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, Three Rivers Foundation, Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, and IGT.