OLG rolls out self-serve lottery terminals

February 14, 2024 12:03 PM
  • Mark Keast, CDC Gaming Reports
February 14, 2024 12:03 PM
  • Mark Keast, CDC Gaming Reports
  • Ontario

One of the things that can try one’s patience at the corner store is waiting behind someone who’s buying or cashing out a bunch of lottery tickets. Everyone who just wants to pay for a bag of chips or carton of milk can relate to it.

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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) might be on the way to fixing that, with the announcement that they’ve begun a pilot program with self-serve lottery terminals (SSTs) in select retail locations.

“OLG continues to look for new ways to deliver engaging gaming experiences that create value for our retail partners and for the Province of Ontario,” said Nancy Kennedy, OLG’s Chief Lottery and Customer Officer, in a statement.

OLG issued a new release, saying they’re the most advanced self-service terminals – a safe secure way to purchase lottery products.

Kennedy said the pilot project began after consultation with retail partners and other industry stakeholders. Customers who walk into retail locations can use the terminals to purchase tickets for national and regional lottery games, as well as a “broad selection” of the more popular instant tickets. Customers can use a debit or credit card to complete the transaction.

“Self-serve terminals will help us meet evolving consumer and retailer preferences, while maintaining a strong commitment to responsible play,” Kennedy added.

Approximately 140 SSTs are being rolled out. Pilot locations are primarily in the greater Toronto area and Sault Ste. Marie, selected based on high volume, high traffic, population density, and available space. Even at those locations, people can buy lottery tickets from a cashier.

The SSTs feature responsible-gambling messaging, with age verification part of the technology as well. If need be, the terminals can be disabled remotely by the retailer, an additional security feature.

The pilot project runs until May and the OLG anticipates launching additional SSTs more broadly around the province later this year.

A spokesperson for OLG added that “in the near future,” SSTs will include the ability for customers to check and redeem their tickets. If they wish to, they can still go through the retailer for their cash.