NIGA Tradeshow: OPTX to unveil new features

NIGA Tradeshow: OPTX to unveil new features

  • Buck Wargo
April 12, 2022 10:57 PM
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Award-winning Las Vegas-based data-platform company OPTX, which has tribal and commercial-casino customers across the U.S., will display its newest features at the National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow & Convention next week.

The conference kicks off on April 19 and the tradeshow portion begins on April 21 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

“NIGA is going to be an awesome show for OPTX,” said Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO of OPTX. “We have several new features and functionalities that we’re going to reveal.”

OPTX is a platform that focuses on ingesting data from the disparate systems within a casino and turning that into operational functionality in the areas of slots, marketing, and player development.

“Two of our products are getting major enhancements that will be revealed at NIGA,” Fiumara. “The first is slots, and our enhancements are focused on multi-dimensional heat-map visualization on web and mobile. This allows operators the ability to build a heat map of their casino floor, utilizing dozens of metrics over multiple periods of time. We’re excited to also reveal our map-edit functionality that lets operators build, update, and edit their floor directly in the OPTX application.”

Fiumara said one of her favorite features from a marketing perspective is the ability to heat-map and time-lapse player journeys.

“Operators can take a group of players in real time or over any period of time and map out where they play on the floor,” Fiumara said. “Not only can they map things like their coin-in, but they can also map free-play spend to get a better understanding of where certain segments of their business like to play on the floor or by time of day. This is awesome for marketers trying to better plan their promotions and placements of player amenities, such as kiosks, and how you zone the floor from a service perspective.”

Fiumara said they have a “great new feature” called Slot Tag where OPTX “pulls game insights and trends to the surface for immediate action. In one click, you can identify all your underholding machines. In one click, you can see all of your games that through an AI model have been identified as either player favorites or overperforming games.”

OPTX will also unveil its campaign product, which has been two years in development. Fiumara has listened to hundreds of operators talk about what they wanted to see in a campaign and event tool, which OPTX has created.

“I’ve tapped into my own network and experience managing and executing events at casinos and identified all the pain points and detailed nuances. These challenges and opportunities have been answered in this new feature in our marketing product. It truly is a gamechanger for casino operators. It has everything from real-time event analysis and player check-in to host goals and RSVP tracking – all the analytics you can think of around your event and campaign performance. This is something that I know people are going to be really excited to see.”

OPTX will be at booth No. 356. Operators can book a demonstration here.