NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation renews problem gambling partnership with Epic, Entain

March 1, 2023 8:34 PM
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  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
March 1, 2023 8:34 PM

Epic Risk Management, Entain Foundation U.S., and the NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation Wednesday announced a renewal of a partnership that focuses on mitigating the effects of harmful gambling. The trio of organizations will promote programs that deal with gambling harm prevention awareness and education, sports integrity programs, and advisory services to NFLPA members.

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“We are delighted, with the support of the Entain Foundation U.S., to continue working with the NFLPA’s PAF in supporting their proactive and holistic approach to prioritizing the welfare of the person behind the player,” said Epic Risk Management Senior Director John Millington in a statement. “As the prevalence of sports wagering continues to increase across the USA – as highlighted by a new projected record $16bn wagered by 50 million Americans on last month’s Super Bowl – the need for pioneering and preventative approaches to raise awareness and minimize the risks of gambling harm also increases. Together, we will continue to provide the NFLPA PAF with our full range of gambling harm minimization expertise, so they remain at the forefront of this vital work.”

The expanded partnership will feature workshops, seminars, events, and customized projects using in-person experience facilitators to cover NFLPA members and their support networks.

“Helping our members by educating them on the potential risks of issues such as problem gambling is a vital part of the work we do for our membership,” said Professional Athletes Foundation Senior Manager Caryl Banks. “Since being the first Players’ Association in the U.S. to partner with Epic Risk Management, we have been positively reassured by how well we have collaborated to raise awareness around the issue of problem gambling to a statistically more vulnerable demographic.

“We’re looking forward to expanding this relationship further with a commitment to proactive and preventative action for the welfare of our members.

Through the NFLPA/PAF, the NFL became the first professional U.S. sports league to run a program about problem gambling education and awareness when it engaged EPIC Risk Management and Entain Foundation U.S.

“Entain Foundation U.S. is proud to support EPIC Risk Management in their delivery of problem gambling awareness and player protection workshops to the Professional Athletes Foundation,” said Entain Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling Martin Lycka.  “We are glad that the funding provided by Entain Foundation U.S. has helped Epic, the global leaders in delivery of gambling harm prevention education and advisory, to have such a huge impact on one of the highest-risk populations.”