New content from Galaxy Gaming making its way to casino floors

October 25, 2023 3:21 PM
Photo: Galaxy
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
October 25, 2023 3:21 PM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

Galaxy Gaming is coming out of the Global Gaming Expo, where the company unveiled their latest innovative content and technology that’s making its way to casino floors.

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The world’s largest independent developer and distributor of casino table games and technology showcased its Galaxy Operating System’s flexible electronic bonusing platform that powers the world’s first “Dynamic Progressive.”

Launched in May, it features innovative progressive jackpot options, LED sensors, and first-of-their-kind features. It pairs its knowledge of table-game progressives with a modern approach to table-management systems resulting in a scalable operating system.

Steve Cvetkoski, vice president of product for Galaxy, detailed the enthusiasm for their latest offerings, with operators interested in new games and products to upgrade their floors.

“G2E was a great show for us,” Cvetkoski said. “We’re table-games expert, so this is what we do. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for table-game content. The products we showcased caught everyone’s attention, from new games to bonus wagers and progressives. Our customers were excited to see what’s new in table games.”

And a lot is new.

Unlike anything players have seen before, Dynamic Progressive blends a progressive feature with a unique experience, in which players see pays increase with electrifying and dynamic results every round.

The Galaxy Operating System is setting the standard for the next-generation game-management system and looking to lead the way for table-game innovation.

“We introduced the first version of our Dynamic Progressive last year and it received an incredible reception. This year, we showcased Dynamic with the latest advancements and updates and it completely stole the show,” Cvetkoski said. “With each release, we’re continuing to build out advanced graphics and animations to make it a visual stunner. Our goal is to bring the excitement of slots to table games, so we’re showing products that are unique and not what you’d expect to see traditionally. These are progressives at their most dynamic and interactive.”

GOS’s new sensors come with fully customizable patterns and colors and vibrant new TableVision screens featuring enhanced graphics, animations, and striking LED lights. It builds on the success of the Lunar Table Display and the Lunar Table Display II, an electronic dice and roulette tracker.

LTD II is designed to simplify the tracking of Galaxy’s optional wagers, including Bonus Craps, Repeater Bets, Repeater Bets Plus, and Repeater Bets for Roulette.

Galaxy’s table-game library has grown after launching new titles like Keep It Straight Poker, a complement to the player-favorite High Card Flush, and the distribution of the number-one baccarat brand in North America, EZ Baccarat.

“We’re always focused on the best content, so we introduced new games that complement some of our most popular legacy games. For example, we introduced Keep It Straight, a sister game to Hard Card Flush,” Cvetkoski said. “Operators can now have a seamless progressive link to a game that players know and love, while trying out something new. One of our biggest announcements this year was becoming the sole distributor for EZ Baccarat. To add to the launch, we’ve developed a new single-winner jackpot progressive that complements the game’s theme and its most popular optional wagers. There was a lot of excitement for this new progressive at the show; we can’t wait to see it out on the floor.”

Galaxy Gaming Digital, the leading licensor of proprietary casino table games in the online gaming world, has launched the first collection of their Galaxy-built RNG games Split to Double Blackjack, Roulette Up, and Rising Phoenix Baccarat.

In the last year, more than two billion wagers worldwide have been made online on Galaxy Gaming side bets and new Galaxy Gaming titles are getting launched every month.