Leading industry affiliate companies create a Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association

November 8, 2023 2:03 PM
  • Sam Bentham, Special to CDC Gaming Reports
November 8, 2023 2:03 PM
  • Sam Bentham, Special to CDC Gaming Reports

The online gambling industry is taking a step forward in self-regulation with the establishment of the Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA), a coalition formed by six leading companies in the US online gambling affiliate sector.

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The newly formed RGAA aims to advocate responsible gambling, promote ethical marketing and advertising practices, influence sensible regulation, and protect consumer interests within the regulated online gambling market.

The founding members of the RGAA include major affiliate marketing companies Better Collective, Catena Media, Gambling.com Group, Oddschecker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia plc. The companies have united under the recognition that affiliate marketing providers play an essential role in advocating for balanced advertising regulation that safeguards consumers while acknowledging the realities of digital advertising.

Despite already being subject to regulation, the gambling affiliates believe there is room for enhancing the standards within the affiliate marketing industry. The RGAA is founded on five strategic pillars aimed at promoting competitive gambling markets, industry education, consumer protection, empowerment and choice, developing advertising codes of conduct, and responsible business practices.

The Association is also in the process of appointing a permanent President, a role deemed crucial in steering the future of responsible affiliate practices, fostering collaboration with industry stakeholders, and upholding the highest integrity standards.

Mark Frank Pedersen, CEO of North America at Better Collective, emphasized the industry’s commitment to promoting gambling as entertainment and the importance of responsible enjoyment of products and services. “Having the industry come together with a unified approach to creating standards and guidelines puts the best interests of our consumers, customers, and their families at the forefront,” Pedersen stated.

Echoing the sentiment, Michael Daly, CEO of Catena Media, said, “The US gambling market is swiftly regulating, and affiliates are vital to the overall industry. Catena Media is proud to be a founding member of the RGAA, an association committed to promoting responsible, positive wagering experiences through legal, regulated operators.”

Charles Gillespie, CEO of Gambling.com Group, pointed out the crucial role of affiliate companies in helping regulated online gambling operators achieve growth targets. “Gambling.com Group is proud to be part of the new Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association to ensure that standards remain high among our peers,” Gillespie added.

The formation of the RGAA marks a proactive approach towards a more responsible and consumer-focused online gambling industry in the United States by the leading affiliate companies at the helm of this initiative.”