InfiGifts unveils new service ahead of G2E

October 3, 2023 9:53 AM
Photo: Shutterstock
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
October 3, 2023 9:53 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

InfiGifts has a new service that helps casino operators optimize the return on investment for their gifting events. It is also unveiling a new set of branded gift products for VIP and point-shopping events.

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The announcement comes ahead of the Global Gaming Expo next week in Las Vegas, where InfiGifts will have booth No. 2216, marking the first time it’s had a booth at G2E.

“We wanted to have a large coming-out party and there’s no better place to do it than at G2E,” said InfiGifts founder Azam Husain. “It’s the best place to connect with as many buyers as possible.”

The InfiGifts platform allows gifts to be claimed from a casino kiosk or smartphone used inside the property.

During the summer, a new feature was launched that enhances the traditional casino-gift experience. InfGifts Portal empowers casino attendants to claim gift rewards on behalf of their players. Gifts are delivered directly to the player’s home.

Husain said the new service to be showcased at G2E helps with ROI for gifting events, including audience identification, point optimization for earn-and-get-style promotions, automated real-time event-day analytics that allow the casino to see the impact of the gifting event as it progresses through the day, and post-forma analysis to evaluate the success of the event.

“With this new offering, we’re trying to help the casino determine the right point structure for a proper return on investment,” Husain said. “It’s about who’s the right audience to give these gifts to and with automated real-time event-day analytics, the operator can see in real-time how the gifting event is performing.”

Research on the impact of InfiGifts on player behavior shows that at properties where it was deployed for traditional monthly earn-and get promotions, trips per player increased by 4.56%, Husain said. In addition to the increased trip volume, total monthly theoretical per player was up by 12.62%. ADT per player at InfiGifts properties increased by 7.71%.

“It’s important for casinos to make their gifting events profitable,” Husain said. “There are a lot of examples where they’re not profitable and the reason is something is wrong with how the casino has gone after the players. They selected the wrong audience. Their point threshold is too low. We help casinos get to these numbers by giving them some insights on the right way to structure their program. We want to ensure that the casino gets the most return on investment for purchasing all these gifts.”

InfiGifts has also announced a new set of branded gift products for VIP and point-shopping events.

Incorporating branded products into gifting experiences yields a wide range of advantages for casinos running gifting events, Husain said.

First is exclusivity. Branded items create exclusivity and prestige, giving higher-value players the types of products they deserve and expect. Second is improved perception. High-quality branded products improve the perceived value of the casino’s brand. Third is increased loyalty. Branded product rewards can foster greater loyalty among customers, encouraging greater participation in casino programs.

“Having these branded experiences are important, because players want this notion of exclusivity that these brands bring,” Husain said.

The new brands offered on the InfiGifts platform include: Apple, Bang & Olufsen, Black & Decker, Calphalon, DeWalt, Dyson, Fitbit, Fossil, Homedics, iHome, Le Creuset, myCharge, Ninja, NuWave, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Stanley, Traeger, Chaps, COACH, Gorjana, Hammitt, Hobo, KastKing, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tumi, and Casio.