InfiGifts expands offering to casinos

July 16, 2023 6:08 PM
Photo: InfiGifts
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
July 16, 2023 6:08 PM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

InfiGifts has unveiled new features designed to enhance the traditional promotional-gift experience at the casino.

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Recognizing that some players require additional assistance in redeeming their rewards, the company recently introduced the InfiGifts Portal that it will showcase at the Casino Marketing and Technology Conference Tuesday and Wednesday in Reno and at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in October.

This latest solution is part of an omni-channel strategy in which InfiGifts integrates multiple avenues for players to redeem their gift rewards at their preferred casinos.

The InfiGifts platform allows gifts to be claimed from a casino kiosk or smartphone used inside the property. Gifts are delivered directly to the player’s home.

“If they feel more comfortable using their smartphone app, they can do so,” InfiGifts founder Azam Husain said. “If they feel more comfortable at a kiosk, they can use that. But older players tend not to be as sophisticated with technology and they just want their gift. We created this portal to help with that.”

With the new addition, customers approach the players club desk. With a few easy clicks from the available gift menu, players club personnel can claim and order a gift in 60 seconds.

“We found that some players need a little extra assistance in claiming rewards,” Husain explained.

Emphasizing personalization, players are offered a vast array of gift options tailored to their unique tastes and preferences.

InfiGifts ensures a seamless experience by swiftly dispatching the gifts directly to the players’ home addresses. The company takes care of customer support and provides tracking services for added convenience.

“The InfiGifts Portal has allowed us to run our monthly Earn and Get promotions more efficiently,” said Vicki Baggett, the players club manager at the Win-River Resort & Casino in Redding, California. “We can claim the monthly reward for our guests quickly, then track fulfillment and delivery. But the real benefit has been in saying goodbye to managing gift inventory on property. Our staff is now free to focus on providing exceptional service to our guests.”

InfiGifts is agnostic to the casino-management system, which allows the company to get up and running with gift events in less than three weeks, Husain said. It has already saved casino operators tens of thousands of dollars per event. “We’re growing rapidly and expect to be in 50 properties by the end of the year.”

The InfiGifts Portal is also being used to support points shopping at the casino.

Earning points is an important way for casinos to generate player loyalty, Husain said. As players see the value in earning points, they redeem gifts and continue to earn more points. Players can shop for products, such as kitchen items or electronics.

“That seems to be a big thing now,” Husain said. “A lot of operators have point liabilities on their balance sheets and the best way to eliminate a lot of that is to get players to use those points. We’re getting a lot of traction with players using their points to claim gifts through InfiGifts.”

“The introduction of this exciting new amenity delivered through the InfiGifts Portal will add a whole new dimension of reward incentives to our players’ experience at Chicken Ranch Casino,” said Dirk Whitebreast, general manager of the Chicken Ranch Casino in Jamestown, California. “Our guests have yet another compelling reason to come and earn points.”