G2E: Gasser unveils two new gaming chairs

G2E: Gasser unveils two new gaming chairs

  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
October 7, 2021 10:30 PM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
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Gasser Chair Company has launched two new gaming series at the Global Gaming Expo. They’re called the Chaney and Newport. Both were designed to provide a plush long-lasting sit, while also adding beauty to the casino floor.

“Both of the units were driven by customer demand,” said Courtney Sample, Gasser’s sales development manager. “The Newport is simple and sleek. The lines are more hospitality-driven. It’s an updated look, but still classic, and we launched a new square foot rest with that. We made something that looks as comfortable as it feels.”

The chairs are produced to be comfortable, but also designed for 24/7 wear-and-tear, Sample said. The modular construction of these series allows for near limitless options, aesthetics to match any interior, and easy serviceability.

“These two models are driven by a very specific customer demand for comfort, style, and premium quality, but at a price point that is achievable,” Sample said. “That was our objective.”

The Chaney, meanwhile, is driven by “pure comfort and pure luxury,” with a plush foam package, Sample said. “Just by looking at it, you can tell it’s going to be comfortable. We create our own unique foam in-house for any customer. We made this one super plush, comfortable, and inviting. It has great lumbar support.”

In addition to launching these two new gaming series, Gasser also released a new burn-resistant vinyl upholstery, Gasser Burn Blocker. This material is designed to resist burns from cigarettes and help prolong the life of the chairs on the floor.

Sample said the show started off busy and enthused over how it’s great to be back in person and see buyers they haven’t seen since prior to the pandemic.

Gasser President Mark Gasser said they started receiving compliments about the chairs even before they showed up at G2E and that the interest in them has been great.

Brothers Louis, Roger, and George Gasser founded the Ohio-based company in 1946. George Gasser’s two eldest sons, Mark and CEO Gary Gasser, lead the team.

“We’ve been doing this show since it started and have been in the gaming industry since the beginning,” Mark Gasser said. “We’ve made some good friends and appreciate the importance of this industry to the economy. We’ve enjoyed the ride.”