Focus on Quixant: Quixant enhances its embedded Software Suite solutions, adding further benefits to customers

October 31, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
October 31, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

Quixant has expanded its range of Intel-based solutions with the launch of its latest IQON hardware platform, which was showcased at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Ater launching their Intel-based QMAX hardware platform at ICE 2023, which was designed to deliver the highest resolution content and the ultimate customer experience, Quixant expanded its existing IQON range to include an Intel-based product, according to Duncan Faithfull, executive vice president and CCO at Quixant.

With more features and benefits inside the latest version of the IQON, this “elite solution is the ideal platform to develop and deliver immersive game content and exceptional sports betting experiences in record time,” he said.

The fan-less, all-in-one platform will allow customers to increase the performance of their products, enhancing the customer experience, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance as it meets the requirements of all major global gaming jurisdictions, including GLI-11, Faithfull said.

“As content and the customer experience are key when it comes to delivering world-class games or market-leading sports betting kiosks and terminals, Quixant’s range of solutions has been developed to enable customers to get more from their hardware,” said Faithfull.

Additionally, with Quixant’s global supply chain expertise and the specialist technical support provided by its team, customers can focus their efforts on taking their content and the customer experience to the next level, he added.

To ensure customers’ products are the best they can be, Quixant developed its range of game-changing hardware platforms, IQ, IQON and QMAX. Available with both Intel and AMD options, the platforms are suitable for different market and budget requirements and come in varying levels of power and performance, Faithfull said.

Partners can choose Intel or AMD as part of their hardware platform, safe in the knowledge that the Quixant software and service is the same, whilst avoiding transition and integration risk, he noted.

“Our partners are finding sourcing and developing hardware solutions overly time-consuming and it distracts them from developing their points of differentiation in a competitive market,” Faithfull explained. “Now more than ever, manufacturers are looking to outsource aspects of their hardware, so they can focus on creating the best games and sports betting experiences on the planet.”

Like all of Quixant’s “reliable and powerful” hardware platforms, the Intel-based IQON will come with its effective integrated Software Suite solutions as standard, with essential and enhanced features, Faithfull said.

“Designed with the requirements of the gaming and sports betting industries in mind, they have been created so customers can benefit from embedded specialist software solutions, software APIs, and specialist support and guidance, and spend their time optimizing content that keeps their customers engaged and entertained for longer, leading them to return again and again,” he said.

The Software Suite solutions, which come with all platforms as standard, are now supplemented by its custom software services – a range of consultancy solutions which help customers to deliver their content in the richest clarity to their chosen markets, Faithfull said.

Quixant also showcased its range of cabinets and kiosks at G2E, with Quantum designed for the gaming industry and Qinetic developed for the sports betting industry. Powered by their market-leading hardware platforms, Quixant’s range of cabinets and kiosks come with a comprehensive suite of peripherals, are highly configurable and are available with a range of display and button desk configurations, which can be tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements, with the support from our in-house specialist product development team, he added.

“Our renowned, powerful, and reliable hardware platforms and Software Suite solutions have been enabling our customers to outsource this aspect with confidence that everything required from a power, performance, security and regulatory perspective for the gaming and sports betting market is covered,” Faithfull reported. “Expanding on the existing range has been key in this climate, giving customers even more variety, with both Intel and AMD options, and different power and performance options dependent on the needs of the market they operate in. This has enabled our customers to further enhance their product offering, and for some, to explore new markets.”

Faithfull said they are here to guide and advise customers on the best solutions for their needs and support them throughout their entire product development journey and beyond, helping them to seamlessly integrate all elements of their products and to enhance the performance of their Quixant solutions.

“With offices, operations, and suppliers across the globe, working closely in collaboration with customers, and providing our dedicated customer support portal and resource center, the Quixant Hub, we ensure that customers always get the products and support they need when they need it,” Faithfull said.