Focus on Quixant: Quixant and Intel collaboration positions gaming market at the center of technology innovation

May 31, 2024 8:00 AM
  • CDC Gaming Reports
May 31, 2024 8:00 AM
  • CDC Gaming Reports
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  • United Kingdom

Gaming technology provider Quixant is collaborating with Intel, a global leader in semiconductor development, to ensure the casino industry’s needs are at the center of innovation.

“We have been working hand-in-hand to shape our future product roadmaps,” said Eddie Ho, Quixant’s director of gaming hardware. “This includes contributing gaming-specific ideas and requires for consideration into Intel’s future product roadmap and understanding how we can optimally leverage their latest solutions into our products.”

Quixant, which focuses exclusively on the gaming and sports betting industry, is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has manufacturing hubs in Taiwan and the United States, along with a software development and support hub in Italy. At this year’s ICE London show, the company unveiled its Intel-based IQ 2 platform, which is tailored to the needs of price-conscious markets and makes Intel technology available across the entire range of Quixant’s products.

As a member of Intel’s Partner Alliance, “Quixant gets access to cutting-edge graphic processors, chipsets, and technologies,” Eddie said. “This enables us to deliver a wide range of gaming products tailored to meet diverse market demands.”

The collaboration with Intel gives Quixant a dual role as a customer and a contributor on the gaming industry’s technological needs. “It’s a coming together to deliver the best product for the gaming industry,” Eddie said. “Leveraging Intel’s latest technology allows Quixant to develop platforms that offer customers even smoother gameplay and more immersive experiences.”

Quixant’s customers will see performance efficiencies that increase return on their hardware investment, he added.

By leveraging Intel’s next-generation products, advanced training and support, Quixant is able to offer an extended lifecycle for 10 years for Intel-based products, with game-changing support throughout.  “As the gaming chipset environment evolves, we remain committed to delivering a variety of solutions, maintaining support for our existing products until their final purchase dates, which are projected to reach to the end of this decade, while innovating the range to add new products that meet the needs of the market,” Eddie said.

Mariya Zorotovich, general manager of venues and gaming at Intel, said Quixant share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. “Our collaboration has seen both teams working tirelessly to shape future product roadmaps and deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of the gaming market,” Mariya continued. “Quixant’s exclusive focus on the gaming and sports betting industry ensures that our technology is optimally leveraged to enhance gameplay and deliver more immersive experiences.”

Eddie said Intel’s latest neural processing unit, an Artificial Intelligence accelerator integrated in the Intel Core Ultra processor, “will redefine the casino gaming landscape in the near future.”

“The wider AI capabilities of Intel’s offerings can enable game developers to achieve greater personalization, in-depth analysis, and more insights to drive future game development. As part of our continuous collaboration with Intel, we explore the use cases of these advanced products and AI features and investigate how these can be leveraged to deliver future solutions that further enhance the player experience.”

Eddie said the trend toward larger, brighter, and more immersive gaming experiences helps operators attract more players. “This makes next-generation technology key in order to manage increasingly complex game graphics and other slot machine functions,” he added. “Everything we do at Quixant is about making the player experience the best it can be. We want to enable our customers to make their games even better and, ultimately, lead to more of their customers returning and increased revenues.”