Focus on Quixant: Launch of IQON2 complements Quixant’s wide range of platforms and products

October 31, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
October 31, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

With a global presence and 100 percent focus on gaming and sports betting technologies, there is little wonder Quixant is recognized as an industry leader in delivering incomparable hardware platforms, cabinets, kiosks, and software solutions to satisfied customers world-wide.

Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Quixant’s Business Leader and CCO, explained that the company’s wide range of game-changing hardware platforms, including IQ, IQON, and QMAX, are available in both Intel and AMD options and come in varying levels of power and performance.

“The QMAX is our highest performing hardware platform,” Faithfull said. “It is a customizable tray and backplane platform with a dGPU option that allows customers to increase their hardware’s performance by adding the graphics card of their choice.

“The IQON is our premium range of all-in-one platforms. It is suited to a wide range of game complexities and sports betting kiosk requirements. The IQ range is suited to cost-sensitive markets, to those looking for a standard and efficient platform to develop their game content on, or to bring their sports book back to life.”

Quixant is now proud to introduce their latest Intel-based IQON product, IQON2, which was recently showcased at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The company’s team of global gaming and sports betting technology experts were present to guide and advise visitors on the best solutions for their needs.

“There are more features and benefits inside our latest version of IQON,” Faithfull explained. “We give our customers a specialist, out-of-the-box platform, with embedded software so they don’t have to spend their time developing hardware and software. As a result, they can switch their focus to the aspects that make the most difference; content and customer experience.”

IQON2, fan-less and in a physically compact platform which prevents dust accumulation, is the elite solution to develop and deliver more immersive game content and exceptional sports betting experiences in record time.

Emphasizing Quixant’s specialist products, expertise, and support, Faithfull noted that from experience, customers have all of the tools they need to expedite their product development, allowing them to deploy products faster and realize revenue sooner.

“It is important to remember that all of Quixant’s reliable and powerful hardware platforms come with our effective integrated Software Suite solutions as standard, with Essential and Enhanced features,” he added.

“They are designed with the requirements of the gaming and sports betting industries in mind. They have been created so customers can benefit from these onboard, specialist, software solutions in confidence that everything from a functionality, performance, security, and regulatory perspective is covered.”

Whether Quixant customers choose Intel or AMD as part of their hardware platform, they can rest assured the software and service is exactly the same with no transition or integration risk. Additionally, regulatory compliance within all major global gaming jurisdictions is assured.

Quixant’s renowned Software Suite is now supplemented by what the company is calling ‘Custom Software Services’. It was developed with a range of solutions, including OS optimization, SAS integration and customization, and game organization. This, Faithfull explained, “enables our customers to develop and deliver their content in the richest clarity to their chosen markets”.

Another highlight of Quixant’s offering is the cabinet and kiosk range, including the Quantum cabinet for gaming and the Qinetic cabinet for sports betting. Faithfull revealed that they are a natural extension of the hardware platform offering.

He highlighted that sourcing and developing hardware solutions is overly time-consuming for customers and distracts customers from developing their differentiators in a competitive market.

“We offer solutions for those looking to outsource aspects of their hardware so they can focus on creating the best games and sports betting experiences,” he explained. “Powered by our market-leading hardware platforms, the Quantum and Qinetic cabinets both come with a comprehensive suite of peripherals.”

Adding that they are highly configurable and available with a range of display and button desk configurations, Faithfull said that they can be tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements, with the support of Quixant’s in-house specialist product development team.

Quixant’s global supply chain solutions and operations ensure customers always receive the products and support they need when they need it, according to Faithfull.

He said that the Quixant Hub, the company’s dedicated support portal, gives users insights into the company’s next-generation hardware and software solutions, unrivalled technical support, and unlimited access to Quixant’s technical documentation, firmware, drivers, software libraries, and applications.

“We follow a three-step approach to identify and better understand customers’ unique challenges, providing recommendations and guidance, and then focus on developing and delivering solutions that will enable our customers to get ahead of the game,” Faithfull revealed.

“These aspects enable our customers to get their cabinets, kiosks, and terminals to market faster, making them stand out from the crowd, and adding the ‘wow’ factor that stops guests in their tracks and keeps them coming back.”