Focus on Quixant: Expanding Intel offering with launch of the powerful, cost-effective IQ 2 hardware platform

March 1, 2024 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
March 1, 2024 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

Quixant launched its Intel-based IQ 2 hardware platform this February to complete its range of Intel and AMD-based products, which will be showcased at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Conference in Anaheim in April – bringing the entire product range to the North American market for the first time.

The IQ 2 platform unveiled at ICE London last month is designed to meet a wide range of gaming and sports betting performance requirements. The new all-in-one platform delivers increased power and functionality and is suited to cost-sensitive markets.

Leveraging Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake N processors, passively cooled, and with fast memory access, it has a two times more powerful CPU performance when compared to the previous generation of products. These enhancements allow customers to improve frames per second, and make their sports betting kiosk experience even more immersive, said Annalisa Bloss, Quixant’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

“It’s really exciting for us because it completes our range of Intel solutions,” Bloss said.

“We are renowned for our orange boxes – the brains behind the products in the gaming industry. We now have a complete range of AMD and Intel hardware platforms, with a mixture of entry-level products in the IQ range, mid-range products with the IQON family and high-end products in the QMAX range.”

The IQ 2 platform is available in options of up to 16GB main memory, has an integrated LED strip interface, integrated Intel UHD graphics, and drives up to three displays, Bloss said.

It meets the requirements of all major global gaming jurisdictions, including GLI-11 and is enhanced by Quixant’s specialist Software Suite solutions as standard, which are created to optimize game and sports betting kiosk development and delivery. This allows customers to focus their time on content and the player experience to make their games stand out without worrying about regulatory requirements, Bloss said.

“What is exciting about the IQ 2 is that it delivers more power and more functionality, and it is well-matched to a wide range of gaming and sports betting requirements,” Bloss said. “Available at an accessible price point, it is ideally suited to cost-sensitive markets. With everything going on in Latin America and Brazil, its launch is well timed as it is a fit-for-purpose product that delivers all the power, functionality and price point needed for that market. Leveraging Next Gen technology, with integrated UHD graphics and driving up to three displays, the ultimate benefit for the customer is that they get more power and performance and can create even more immersive gaming or sports betting experiences” continued Bloss.

Quixant has an entire range of hardware platforms with both Intel and AMD options. In terms of its Intel based platforms, the high-end QMAX 3 launched at ICE 2023, while at G2E 2023 Quixant launched its mid-range IQON 2. The launch of IQ 2 at ICE 2024 completes the IQ family set and Intel offering.

“It’s all about giving customers a range of options,” Bloss said. “For whatever price point they need, whatever graphic performance required, and whatever performance requirements, we have a solution tailor made for every market and for every budget” Bloss elaborated.

ICE London served as an exclusive reveal for the IQ 2 hardware platform and now customers can get samples to test and see how the game changing platform fits into their product development plans.

“It’s about leveraging the latest and greatest technology in the market and ensuring it empowers customers’ product development vision and goals,” Bloss said.

“Following the reception to the IQ 2 at ICE, we can already see it being an exciting and popular product for the North American gaming market. It is a fit-for-purpose product that is the ideal mix of power, performance and price, enhanced by all of the great stuff that comes with partnering with Quixant. We are gaming and sports betting specialists with years of expertise developing solutions and providing support, and this is our most powerful, high-performing and cost-effective product.”

“Appealing to the trend of delivering bigger and better graphics and more immersive customer experiences whilst checking all of the other boxes in terms of security and compliance, the IQ 2 enables customers to do more with less” Bloss said.

Quixant provides ongoing support and specialist technical expertise throughout customers’ product development journeys. This enables them to seamlessly integrate all elements of their products, enhance the performance of their Quixant solutions, and make their products stand out from the crowd, which keeps their customers coming back, Bloss said.

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