Focus on IGT: Mystery of the Lamp promises to enchant the U.S. market

June 30, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
June 30, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports

IGT has unleashed “Mystery of the Lamp,” its new multi-level progressive game on the all-new PeakCurve49 cabinet, now available across the U.S. casino market.

The highly anticipated multi-level progressive game includes five compelling jackpot levels and leverages dynamic play mechanics that will help propel the game’s success, according to Dan Farnon, IGT’s vice president of gaming operations, who called it a must-have MLP on the casino floor and as the first game on the PeakCurve49 cabinet.

In his role, Farnon oversees IGT’s premium game portfolio which includes “Mystery of the Lamp,” as well as “Wheel of Fortune,” “Money Mania” and others. He called the latest launch significant since IGT has been gaining momentum in the premium MLP category.

IGT’s “Prosperity Link” MLP was named the “Best Slot Product” in the GGB Technology Awards, and “Mystery of the Lamp” is next in line to replicate that success based on the “incredibly strong performance” the game showed during testing, relative to other games in the segment, Farnon said.

“This is the next game-changer in the MLP category,” Farnon said. “We centered our attention and focus on this segment a few years ago, and ‘Prosperity Link’ was the first of that generation, and this is a complementary follow-up in that space. What makes it even more special is that we’re releasing it on the brand-new cabinet.”

“‘Mystery of the Lamp’ is an Arabian-styled game, which we believe will stand out in a market predominately focused on Asian-style MLPs,” he said. “It’s leaning in on some of the best game mechanics and features in the industry today, including persistence.”

“This game has three individual pots, each representing their own different type of bonus, and once you’re in those bonuses, we have three individual lock and re-spin experiences,” he explained. “It’s a truly compelling and fun bonus combining great art, mechanics, and math that has proven to be very successful in our testing and in the field.”

Farnon said what’s exciting is that all three bonuses can be simultaneous. A player can win one and two; win one, two, and three; or win two and three together. When a player gets into the bonuses, they can even retrigger other bonuses.

“There are abundant opportunities to experience these different bonuses and get a feel for the depth this game has to offer, which is exciting,” he said. “What we try to do more of in the MLP space is increase the weighting of the game experience into the bonus. It’s very clearly communicated to the player that the excitement of this game sits in the bonus.”

Farnon noted that the art and graphics of the game are well-executed, as are the ergonomics of the cabinet and impressive merchandise packaging.

“The excitement builds as the individual pot starts to expand and coins start to overflow, taking over the screen,” Farnon explained. “That excitement is obvious for anyone around the game to see.”

Like with other MLPs, IGT’s release is part of its strategy to bring diversity to that experience. This family of “Mystery of the Lamp” is being released with two base games – “Treasure Oasis” and “Enchanted Palace.”

Farnon shared that both have very unique bonus features that on their own are very compelling, but when combined provide an incredible bonus experience. He believes that, over time, players will gravitate toward their favorite game based on the interplay of these unique bonuses.

“As we develop the family going forward, we can introduce more base games under the same umbrella brand, but leaning in on some of the favorite player features as play-style evolves,” Farnon said. “It allows us to keep that family relevant going forward.”

He noted that, with its release this month, “Mystery of the Lamp” has had broad interest from across North America in every region and traction in all of its top-tier properties.

“It’s clear there’s a lot of excitement that was created by ‘Prosperity Link’,” he added.

Overall, IGT’s premium strategy is broken down to two broad categories. The first is wide-area-progressives that includes “Wheel of Fortune.” The second is multi-level-progressives with several different bonus progressive levels – a segment that has grown in the marketplace over the last five to six years and has become a player favorite.

“IGT in the last few years has really turned its attention to mastering success in this MLP segment while not losing focus on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and WAPs,” Farnon said. “What you see in this space today is heavily weighted towards Asian-themed games. While we will continue to support this genre, we wanted to ensure some differentiation, which is why we steered towards an Arabian theme in ‘Mystery of the Lamp’. I know operators are looking for that.”