Focus on GETT: The ultimate provider of machine parts and tech for the casino business

April 14, 2023 8:00 AM

Focus on GETT: The ultimate provider of machine parts and tech for the casino business

  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
April 14, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
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Gaming & Entertainment Touch Technology is making its mark in the gaming parts business after only a decade in existence.

Las Vegas-based GETT was started in 2012 by Trent and Karla Looney. COO Karla Looney worked at Capitol records in Los Angeles as a music video production manager for several years. She also managed a small business focused on talent acquisition and management.

CEO Trent Looney, a Las Vegas native who graduated from UNLV, began his career in casino gaming in 1992 as a member of the sales team at Mikohn Gaming, where he covered the Mississippi and Louisiana territories. He worked for the Mikohn/PGI team for more than a decade before moving to 3M Touch Systems.

While at 3M, Looney said he was able to learn the inner workings of the LCD Touch Monitor and how to provide value to customers at the technology level.

Trent Looney worked for 3M for a decade and decided after all of his traveling around the world that he wanted to stay closer to home.

Looney said 3M, which had developed an air filter for slot machines in 2009, made him an offer to purchase that aspect of the business, and he did so in launching GETT.

But Looney said he quickly learned from customers that they needed quality touch screens as well, and that led to him teaming up with electric parts supplier Ceronix, a competitor of 3M, to purchase touch screens.

Looney said he and his wife combined their work experience in launching GETT with the purpose of providing their customers with the best value on the slot machine parts.

The company’s motto is SPARK – selection, price, availability, responsiveness and knowledge.

“These are the core focus points that the GETT company transacts their business with every day,” Trent Looney said. “And today the company is one of the leading parts providers for slot machines, video games and VLTs.”

GETT continues to provide cutting-edge technology for the parts of the slot machine that receive the most wear and tear. These items are the LCD Touch monitors and push buttons for the vast majority of the most popular games in the market, Looney said.

GETT carries parts of the major slot manufacturers, such as IGT, Konami, Aristocrat, Bally’s and others. There’s everything from tiny light bulbs and wires to bill validators, CPUs and video cards. Its products are made in Asia.

“We provide parts of machines that are damaged as a result of vandalism,” Looney said.

GETT recycles millions of pounds of old slot machine-based electronics each year. The company has more than 3,800 parts.

“We are one of the largest – if not the largest – parts company in the casino business today post-COVID,” said Looney, citing how it was a difficult landscape for his competitors. “We sell parts in virtually every state and we have more than 500 gaming licenses and sell to 74 countries around the world.”

The company is primarily a provider of new parts, but in today’s limited supply-chain environment, GETT also purchases older games for the purpose of turning them into parts, “much like a pick a part yard does with your old Chevy,” Looney said. “We buy them from 500 licensed locations and bring them to Nevada to strip the parts and clean them, refurbish and package them and sell them because machine parts last virtually forever.”

Looney said he’s proud that GETT is a diverse company of more than 35 employees, both men and women, from a variety of backgrounds.

“We have veterans of the U.S. armed forces on staff as well as veterans of the casino industry,” he added. “Our employees have more than 250 years of combined experience to help our customers get the parts they need to help keep their games running longer and more efficiently.”