Focus on Galaxy Gaming: Galaxy Operating System brings visual flair to table games

February 2, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
February 2, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports

The visual and sensory attraction advantage that slot floors have traditionally wielded over their table game counterparts has some strong competition with the release of Galaxy Operating System (GOS), the next-generation game management system from Las Vegas-based Galaxy Gaming.

Equipped with a flexible electronic bonusing platform that powers the world’s first Dynamic Progressive, GOS packs the potential to transform mundane table games areas into eye-catching gaming options that will grow the customer base, something that Steve Cvetkoski, Vice President of Product for Galaxy, said is “the complete goal”.

“Traditional progressives in a sense already do that, but we are hoping to take it to the next level,” Cvetkoski said. “Progressives have been around for several years in their current format with some very minor changes. We are treading new waters, crossing the proverbial border, to ‘up’ the game.”

Cvetkoski observed that table games progressives in their current format convinced Galaxy to forge ahead from a technology standpoint, saying that screen evolution and other advances have made this possible

“What we did with GOS is leverage the new technologies and new functions so that table games can be just as impressive as anything that is on the casino floor,” he said. “There is no reason table games cannot look ‘top of the line’. We want to provide something for everyone, something that will generate excitement. It is a great addition to any table.”

The progressive functionality of GOS is fortified by dynamic progressives, technology that Cvetkoski singles out as Galaxy’s “flagship” product. It is powered by a flexible electronic bonusing platform, making it unlike any other progressive.

“GOS is not about a meter scrolling up and some fixed pays,” he said. “We are moving past that. Yes, it is a progressive system, but that is just one aspect of it. I like to think of it as a foundational progressive system. That is where the scalable comes into play, which makes GOS more than just a progressive.

“We built it as a system that can grow with us as we grow our concepts, grow with market needs, and just grow with the player base in general.”

Galaxy’s revolutionary game management system is available with seamless digital tracking and striking LED sensors for Galaxy’s Roulette Up Progressive, Make’em All Progressive, and the Two-Way Dice Progressive. Multiple jackpots can be added on a wide range of games with a variety of multi-game, tier, and denomination progressive options.

GOS progressives can be linked according to game types within a particular property or across multiple properties in any of the configurations.

“The progressives are easily tracked on our display, providing not only more efficient game play but also a visual cue for players,” Cvetkoski observed. “There is always something going on, not just what the progressive is up to.

“Players can refer to the Tablevision monitor to know what is happening in real time, why certain things have happened, where they stand in the game, and things for them to follow. This is exactly what we strove to achieve.”

Pronounced seamless product design comparable to anything on the casino floor is what Galaxy envisioned with GOS, according to Cvetkoski, who said that it is what players will expect, not only in the hardware design but also the visuals, adding “the visual appeal is the biggest part, drawing the attention of the player to fully explain the game and allow them to be exposed to it”.

“We have the foundational level upon which we can continuously grow and upgrade,” he added. “More aesthetic pieces are capable of being added to it. We have only scratched the surface of what we plan to do from a visual perspective and add on to a traditional progressive offering.”

GOS is user friendly from both the player and operator perspectives. For dealers, the touch tablet features intuitive design with seamless jackpot procedures. Sensors instantly register bets when chips are placed. It can be fitted with single, dual, and even triple progressive sensor bet spots.

The dashboard features robust reporting options, jackpot configurations, back-end analytics, and much more.

“We have installed GOS in several different locations, including Carnival Cruise Lines, which has our system across their fleet,” Cvetkoski said.

Looking ahead to ICE London, Cvetkoski is enthusiastic about showing visitors to the Galaxy booth how far the company has come since G2E.

“It has only been several months since G2E, but customers will see an enhanced offering in both functionality and visuals,” he revealed. “Visuals on sensors and visuals on dynamics are all upgraded. We are always innovating, including aesthetics and accompanying components. What customers saw at G2E will be even better at ICE London.

“We are table game experts; our focus is solely on table games. At ICE London we will convey our vision, not just in the present but how we are looking to grow our offerings. Galaxy is a breath of fresh air from the status quo of what tables games are.

“When operators come by our trade shows, or even when players come by, they see that we are trying to push the boundaries. We want to make a beautiful product. The response has been great and there is much excitement over GOS. Our customers are excited for what is next, and that is what we want.”