Focus on Galaxy Gaming: At the forefront of table game innovation

August 4, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
August 4, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports

The Galaxy Operating System (GOS) is setting the standard for the next-generation game management system and looking to lead the way for table game innovation.

In May, Galaxy Gaming launched its GOS that features innovative progressive jackpot options, LED sensors, and first-of-their-kind features. It pairs its knowledge of table games progressives with a modern approach to table management systems, resulting in a scalable operating system.

“The Galaxy Operating System represents a foundation piece for us in the progressive space,” Cvetkoski said. “We have a lot of success with progressives and with our legacy system, but this is the next step. What we tried to focus on in the last couple of years is pushing the technology forward on progressives. Table games are unique in that they don’t necessarily have some of the features that make slots so exciting. While we’re not building slot machines, we also don’t want slots to have all of the fun. A lot of the things that people enjoy, from the bright lights and colors, animations, multipliers, and unexpected events – there’s no reason that can’t come to table games, and that’s what we’re pushing to do.”

Galaxy transforms their renowned progressives with the world’s first Dynamic Progressive, which blends Galaxy’s most popular games with the thrilling experience of playing for heavily-increased payouts.

“The Dynamic Progressive adds to the core functionality of any progressive, which starts with pay tables using percentage and fixed pays,” Cvetkoski said. “With the Dynamic Progressive, fixed pays are no longer just that. Those fixed pays are now Dynamic. They change every round and are always better for the player. It’s about getting the excitement and the volatility without sacrificing any of the core elements – you are essentially playing the same game you are used to playing, but in a more exciting way.”

Along with the Dynamic Progressive, for the first time, GOS supports digital tracking for Galaxy’s Roulette Up Progressive, Make’em All Progressive, and the Two-Way Dice Progressive.

True to its progressive core-functionality, GOS can run multiple jackpots on a wide range of table games with a variety of multi-game, tier, denom and sensor progressive options. Operators may also link multiple tables on a floor or across multiple casinos with progressive jackpots using any of these configurations.

“Table games are a known quantity, and they don’t have a lot of additional features and tech advancements, and that’s what we are trying to change with GOS,” explained Cvetkoski. “At its core, GOS is a progressive system, and it does all of the things a progressive system does – even more so. What we wanted to do is use this as a vehicle to fully produce new advancements and features that push the envelope of what’s unique and can be done on table games that make them that much more exciting for the player – things they haven’t seen but that add to the overall concept. There’s a lot more for table games than is currently being done. The sky’s the limit for this space when considering the opportunities ahead of us.”

These features are supported by a modern UX that allows for rapid deployment and streamlined field support. The dealer touch tablet features an intuitive design, is easy to learn, and the jackpot procedure is seamless.

Portions of GOS were unveiled at G2E 2022 and ICE London earlier this year.

GOS is designed to continually evolve with new hardware and software enhancements. The Galaxy team is already developing the next iteration of GOS and expect to showcase additional enhancements at G2E 2023 and beyond, Cvetkoski shared.

“We are going to continue innovating,” he said. “We showed some of that in previous trade shows, but with every release we will be showcasing unique and exciting items, while upgrading the existing features. The things that people will see from Galaxy at G2E –they will be blown away by how far we have come since last year.”

Going forward, Cvetkoski said Galaxy wants to continue to change the mindset of what table games are and what they can become.

Galaxy is trying to develop GOS from the perspective that, as Cvetkoski puts it, the “norm is to have unique features”..

“Of course, the base is always going to run the way progressives do – the accounting, reporting, and everything else,” he said “What we’re doing is adding more features, fun and excitement to the existing part of playing table games. Slot machines shouldn’t be the only place to find interactive and exciting play, those are things you’ll have with GOS on table games.”