Focus on Everi: New platform Vi helps create unified mobile experience

May 12, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
May 12, 2023 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

Everi will be rolling out Vi, an all-in-one, on-property, real money mobile gaming solution that debuted in March at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in San Diego.

Everi, a provider of land-based and digital casino gaming content and products, financial technology, and player loyalty solutions, says the new Vi mobile technology combines Everi Digital games, CashClub Wallet, Trilogy Loyalty, Everi Compliance, and the company’s mobile technology to extend the gaming experience for players beyond the casino floor, within the allowable gaming footprint.

“VI is an on-premise mobile gaming system that also acts as an integration layer that seamlessly ties Everi’s products and third-party products together into a friction-free solution,” said Tim Richards, Everi’s executive vice president, strategy and digital gaming.

Vi, which is expected to be launched in properties by the end of 2023, has already generated a lot of interest by its introduction at the IGA tradeshow. It’s part of Everi’s continued expansion that has included digital neighborhood, wallet and loyalty programs.

“Featuring Everi’s Player Account Management (PAM) system, Vi seamlessly integrates into existing casino systems while offering additional patron engagement opportunities via loyalty programs and self-service kiosks for funding, ratings, rewards, and promotions,” Richards said. The flexible Vi solution is also integrated with Everi’s compliance AML systems, creating a single trusted source for reporting.

“When I think of the wide breadth of Everi product already purchased and in use across casino floors today, we wanted to create a unified mobile player experience across those products to deliver a one-of-a-kind on-premise gaming solution,” Richards said. “Vi is that meta layer that ties Everi’s products together while also being the player and casino nexus between land-based gaming and the digital gaming environments.

“Our integration platform allows us to intelligently offer Class II and/or Class III games via our RGS. Additionally, we are using that integration layer to plug in other gaming types, and 3rd party RGS content.

“Vi offers popular Everi and third-party game titles on players’ own mobile devices. Player friction is reduced by being able to easily register to play via their mobile device, at a kiosk, or in person at a service desk. With the use of geolocation technology, they can immediately begin playing in any approved areas,” Richards said.

“Today, in states where they already have sports betting and internet gaming, we see where they have lost touch with some of their players. With our solution, we are giving control to the casinos, to manage a cohesive solution that bridges mobile, iGaming and land-based systems for real money wagering with an integrated backend for money, points, marketing, compliance, and reporting,” Richards said.

“It allows them to take control of that experience and use their patron data to design marketing and loyalty programs, reducing player acquisition costs that are happening outside of the casino floor and their own databases today. Casinos can harvest data across different applications like game play preferences and usage, time on machines, loyalty points, app usage, and wallet spend to consolidating data to harvest everything they know about their players to better target offers and reduce marketing spend making the business more profitable.”

Vi was launched at the IGA show in San Diego because the product speaks to the tribal casinos since most don’t have internet gaming or sports betting, Richards said. They can provide this form of mobile gaming across their premises and reservations and begin to do it right, he added.

“For the land-based casinos, it begins to put that all in place, so when sports betting is approved, they’re going to partner with somebody or manage our own sportsbook and plug it into this infrastructure,” Richards said. “This is them controlling that entire experience and infrastructure and then bringing more forms of content and gaming into that as they are approved or go out and seek them.”

Gaming content offered through Vi is delivered via Everi’s proprietary Spark Remote Game Server, which houses Everi’s Digital Class II and Class III igaming library. Everi Digital’s high-performing mobile gaming content includes games based on successful land-based versions and features titles such as Cash Machine Jackpots, Gold Standard Jackpots, and Triple Jackpot Gems among nearly 70 engaging themes available via the Spark RGS, Richard said.

“We believe our Class II RGS is important to tribes because it allows the gaming to go off the casino floor and also provides for a reduction in tax to make the start-up more profitable,” Richards said. “It will offer the majority of Everi’s content so the content on the casino floor is similar to what they’re playing through this mobile experience.”

Vi also aggregates content from third-party RGS providers such as Fingenuity, who supplies games from multiple suppliers to the platform, including Aruze, Grand Vision Gaming, Gromada Games, and Sega Sammy, Richards said.

“Vi addresses all patron touchpoints and is an easy-entry solution that provides a unique gaming entertainment experience for players and new revenue opportunities for casino operators,” Richards said. “It drives revenue by offering a mobile experience across the reservation where we can plug our Class II or Class III RGS into where people can game in a real-money situation – not just social. What happens today is you can play your slot machine or table game, but if I’m sitting in the lounge or by the pool or I’m at an RV park within the reservation, you can’t necessarily game. This would allow me on tribal land to play Class II slots on my phone and drive additional revenue.”

Richards said if casinos don’t have a digital strategy where they’re reaching out and maintaining contact with their customers when they leave their properties in order to bring them back, operators are going to lose out to their competitors.

“It will become a required tool to maintain and grow revenue, while staying in contact with your customers – but even more necessary because if you’re not doing it and your competitor is, you’re going to lose market share,” Richards said. “It’s just that simple.”