Focus on Everi: Introducing the innovative Dynasty Vue cabinet

May 12, 2023 8:00 AM
Photo: CDC Gaming Reports
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
May 12, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports

Game cabinets, which can be as sensory stimulating as the games themselves, have reached new heights in hardware evolution with the introduction of Everi’s trail-blazing Dynasty Vue, the first form factor in the company’s new Dynasty family.

The revolutionary Dynasty Vue, with an all-encompassing immersive feel wrapped around new Vue-exclusive content, was one of the stars of the show at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention (IGA) that was held at the end of March at the San Diego Convention Center.

“The reaction to our Dynasty Vue cabinet from visitors to our booth at IGA was very positive,” said Everi’s executive vice-president and Games Business Leader, Dean Ehrlich. “It’s an aesthetically designed cabinet with great sight lines.”

“When our casino operators look at it from the lens of the player…it has the real estate of a large cabinet but the sight lines of a dual screen cabinet…without continuously creating a ‘bigger is better cabinet’. We believe there’s going to be positivity towards placing Dynasty Vue on gaming floors as it combines the benefits of three distinct form factors into one cabinet.”

The true beauty of this innovative cabinetry is the custom display that enables Everi’s designers to create game mechanics players would typically experience on a portrait cabinet, all with the functionality and integrated base of a slant top.

This form factor features a uniquely shaped main game display and an integrated 27-inch topper with distinctive dual-banded lighting integrated with gameplay that is certain to be a never-before experienced attraction for casino-goers.

The first deployment of Dynasty Vue features the Combo Cash Series. Two distinct base themes, Rockin’ Reels and Secret Treasures, both of which introduced COMBO CA$H, a twist on Everi’s player-favorite “Win What You See” component, which was made popular by Everi’s award-winning stepper games Cash Machine and Gold Standard Jackpots.

In COMBO CA$H, players who hit a “$” symbol in the base games unlock the feature which spins to award prizes up to $20,500.

“We have already executed a number of successful first-to-market launches in a few jurisdictions after our initial install at Yaamava’ Resort & Casino in San Manuel, Highland, California ,” Ehrlich said. “Three additional game families totaling seven game themes will be coming out by the end of this quarter.”

In addition to the COMBO CA$H Series, other themes that will be rolled out include the Money Slam Series, Wild Wheel Series, and High Rollin’ Gems, Everi’s first multi-game product, all of which were on display at IGA.

Ehrlich acknowledged that it takes a couple of years to design a cabinet, and Dynasty Vue was no exception, commenting that a lot of thought went into how to create something that has the player profile that can match some of the larger portraits that are out there.

“The custom screen size helps get us there,” he observed. “Players walking the gaming floor see all sorts of differentiated cabinets and we believe Dynasty Vue’s large, uniquely shaped main game display will attract their attention.”

“Overall, a very exciting, immersive experience, awaits players once they sit down at the cabinet and play the themes available on Dynasty Vue,” he added.

Taking pride in the fact that Everi is committed to supporting its customers with an ever-expanding library of compelling game themes and new cabinets that continue to raise the bar on player engagement and entertainment, Ehrlich stands by the Dynasty Vue cabinet and new Vue-exclusive content as game changers.

New content from Everi’s other form factors loom on the horizon moving forward, especially with plans for 2023 G2E already being formulated.

“The Dynasty nucleus will enable us to launch multiple cabinets over the coming years.” Ehrlich said. Customers attending G2E will experience several iterations of cabinets that will include new product category introductions that Everi hasn’t participated in which are completely different than Dynasty Vue.”

We look forward to seeing the success of these new cabinets as they begin to launch into the marketplace and generate great returns for our casino partners as well as for Everi.”