Focus on Everi: BeOn provides a full mobile experience for casino patrons

April 9, 2024 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports
April 9, 2024 8:00 AM
  • Buck Wargo, CDC Gaming Reports

Everi continues to build on its digital neighborhood of financial technology solutions, which will be showcased at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention floor in Anaheim April 9-11.

That includes the BeOn mobile services platform, which leverages the Everi brand into the venue space while applying Venuetize’s technology for casino operators.

Darren Simmons, Everi’s executive vice president and fintech business leader, said Everi has focused on extending its capabilities in the mobile world. The BeOn mobile platform interconnects mobile technologies and other Everi business platforms.

“We have a much different view of what we think mobile means,” Simmons said. “You can be mobile and you can be mobile first. Those are in a similar vein, but they’re unique approaches. We’ve always said that when you look at the foundations of our business, we think of the payments aspects, the regtech components, AML and other casino solution products we have, including our loyalty platform. We just don’t use the word omnichannel, but it’s part of our DNA and we lean into what is defined by it.”

BeOn is designed for optimized player engagement and extends the casino floor to the patron’s mobile service with solutions bundled into a full mobile experience. Having the mobile channel integrated into the brick-and-mortar operations is key in building success for an operator, Simmons said.

“Our platform is going to provide an opportunity for operators to bring together those disparate systems and platforms and ways that an operator might want to exchange value between their enterprise and what exists in food and beverage, hotel, entertainment, sports connections and online space,” Simmons said.  “BeOn is going to help us provide that first wave that’s ubiquitous across multiple properties and allows a patron that engagement through that mobile channel. It will help operators get over the hump of what that experience is like, too.”

Combining gamification, loyalty, payments, and data insights, BeOn is considered a turbocharger for the operational engine and guest experience since it puts the power of self service in the guest’s hands. The core functions of BeOn include integration with Everi’s CashClub Wallet for cashless gaming, extensions of the operator’s loyalty program, property content management tools, and marketing opportunities. Mobile enrollment and mobile ordering are among the latest features within Everi’s mobile services.

“We want to extend the digital payment capabilities,” Simmons said. “Enabling a player at any property, Everi is facilitating that payment infrastructure so you’ll be able to engage the wallet platform into our network. The first phase may not be directly to the game, but it could be an interaction through the kiosk or purchase of a ticket or the point of sale system. It’s very revolutionary in terms of what it is going to accomplish, but it’s going to evolve. The pace doesn’t surprise me. I never thought there would be a light switch event because I’m a realist about technology and change, especially as it relates to gaming and the regulatory aspects of it.”

Mobile ordering is available across the casino floor and beyond. Utilizing Venuetize’s integrated mobile ordering solution, casino patrons can browse menus for food and beverage and merchandise, place orders, make in-app payments, get real-time notifications on order status, and have orders delivered directly to them via the BeOn platform.

Venuetize incorporates Everi’s CashClub Wallet technology, as well as leveraging loyalty platforms and enhanced marketing opportunities through integrations with BeOn mobile services. This provides enhanced value for patrons and gamification opportunities for sports teams and venue operators.

At G2E in October, Everi introduced the standalone public wallet BeOn Wallet, available for use at any participating locations of the 750 casinos that utilize Everi’s cash access services. BeOn mobile services deliver the Vi platform, combining Everi Digital games, CashClub Wallet, and the company’s mobile technology to extend the gaming experience beyond the casino floor, but within the allowable gaming footprint.

Simmons said having an experience integrated through the physical channel, kiosk channel and cage channel hasn’t been part of the discussion within the industry, but Everi doesn’t share that position. Some operators have said they wanted a mobile app and took the approach of setting it and forgetting it and in return didn’t get out of it what was sold to them.

“What we have done to date and how we’ve implemented it has been by far the most successful,” Simmons said. “We are making these investments to bring the best technology and best customers for the casino operators and industry. That’s going to help us extend beyond the four walls of gaming and create a tremendous amount of value, loyalty and engagement between the operator and their agents, players and the rest of the ecosystem that’s connected. BeOn extends into loyalty with the players club, the promotional aspects and offers that casinos want. There’s more and more of a demand for that.”

Everi provides technology that operators have otherwise tried to go out and work with six or seven vendors and weave together. It can partner and create a strategy about the capabilities it has.

“I think you will see that play out at IGA and really demonstrate the investments we are making are the right way to do it,” Simmons said. “We want to partner with casinos and develop a strategy. We have a great experienced team that can provide best practices. We are able to leverage our knowledge and experience of what works and has value and how the whole mobile strategy interacts with loyalty, promotions and other items around Everi content. When people come to IGA they will see the tremendous value we built into our platform. We’re excited about how this is going to play out and help us grow our business.”