Focus on Everi: All-in-one solution Vi is built for Class II and beyond

April 9, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
April 9, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
  • United States

Everi’s Vi, a revolutionary, all-in-one mobile gaming solution that combines Everi Digital games, CashClub Wallet, and the company’s mobile technology to extend the gaming experience for players beyond the casino floor, will impact Class II mobile gaming content in ways never before thought possible.

Everi recognizes mobile extends far beyond an application. Vi pushes the boundaries of the casino floor quite literally into the hands of patrons with platforms that translate into a full mobile experience. Through Vi, personalization, self-service, and convenience combine to completely transform casino operations and patron engagement.

Richard Sagman, Everi’s senior vice-president of product management, reports that the investment of time and resources building up the product and getting it fully approved have set the stage for Vi to unleash its game-changing power.

“We are very optimistic that it is time to bring to market a product that is unique within the industry,” Sagman said. “Vi stresses the importance of Class II mobile gaming and digital gaming content, but it really has been built to connect to all of our casino systems.

“The intent is not to take an iGaming platform and ‘squash’ it into a casino. We have actually connected the system to everything, including player tracking and loyalty programs. It goes directly to the user, including funding for every CashClub wallet. The platform also talks to our compliance tools and our Jackpot Xpress to process taxable wins.”

Sagman explained that in designing a tool that makes it easier for operators to manage their customers on the casino floor, Vi paves the way to eliminate fragmented services to patrons based upon casino play and digital play. Different systems and different categories of customers all in different places are a thing of the past.

“Even though it was built specifically for the Class II market, Vi also has Class III games so that commercial casinos can use this system for on-premise gaming,” Sagman acknowledged. “It has been developed very much with the idea of future expansion.”

The beauty of Vi is that it offers popular Everi and third-party game titles on the mobile devices of players. Registration is available on their own mobile devices, at a kiosk, or in-person at a service desk. Once completed, patrons can begin playing in any approved areas on the property with the use of geolocation technology.

Gaming content offered through Vi is delivered via Everi’s proprietary Spark Remote Game Server (Spark RGS), which houses Everi’s Digital Class II and Class III iGaming library.

Additionally, Vi aggregates content from third-party RGS providers such as Fingenuity, which supplies games from multiple suppliers to the platform, including Aruze, Grand Vision Gaming, Gromada Games, and Sega Sammy.

Mobile gaming content includes more than 130 themes, including many popular land-based versions.

Sagman emphasized that Everi is committed to helping casinos discover what solutions will work for them, noting that every casino is different and every state is different. He said that providing solutions in what amounts to a fragmented market is a challenge Everi is equipped to face, adding “the majority of Tribes do Class II Gaming and will be able to reap the benefits of Vi”.

“The goal of the Tribe is economic development,” Sagman said. “The Tribal leaders know their own tribal gaming authorities and the regulations in their space. We very much work as a partner with them to incorporate their knowledge, experience, and understanding of their customers with our knowledge and experience with our products.

“Working together as partners is something Everi has done for a long time. We have a lot of experience with a joint approach. It has been really very important for us.”

The Everi brand applied Venuetize’s technology to create the BeOn mobile platform, which combines gamification, loyalty, payments, and data insights. BeOn includes integration with Everi’s CashClub Wallet, extensions of the operator’s loyalty program, property content management tools, and marketing opportunities.

Everi’s Trilogy loyalty platform, through deep integration with the company’s Amplify marketing solution, creates a bridge between operator-centric financial technology solutions and player-centric gaming solutions. The tools enable operators to build objective-based campaigns and promotions across multiple channels.

The development of Vi is truly the all-in-one, single solution – which Sagman is convinced makes it easier to manage.

“It means that the solution itself is kind of ‘future-proof’, because we are always thinking about how we are going to grow our products and incorporate new features,” he said. “Operators spend a lot of time communicating with partners or competitive suppliers every time a change to the system is introduced. This affects everything else that they do. A cohesive system is much easier to manage.”