Focus on CasinoTrac: RePrintEnroll kiosks provide an effortless self-serve experience for loyal customers

December 1, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
December 1, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports

The game plan that the CasinoTrac team formulated for this year’s G2E was to provide visitors with eye-opening “hands on” and demonstration experiences revolving around the company’s innovative product line that is available now to revolutionize gaming floors.

According to Jeff Baldi, senior vice-president of commercial strategy for CasinoTrac, their G2E game plan was executed with enormous success.

“Our booth was very warmly received.” he said. “A great springboard to capitalize on the excitement in the market. There was plenty of room to demo for potential clients as well as people who wanted to learn more about our product lines. We observed a ton of interest in our offerings and a substantial amount of quantifiable business opportunities.”

There is no doubt CasinoTrac is an industry leader in providing solutions that are being enthusiastically received by all generations of players in what is a dynamic and technologically evolving player experience in casinos worldwide.

G2E visitors to the CasinoTrac booth were able to experience live player loyalty kiosks and the innovative RePrintEnroll kiosk, user-friendly technology that enables guests to self-serve the reprinting of their tiered, branded loyalty card, or enroll in the program.

RePrintEnroll kiosks, which are in high demand for the seamless, user-friendly, and time saving technology they provide, have transformed the tedious and time-wasting process of issuing replacement cards and enrolling new members at players club locations into a one-stop self-serve transaction that puts smiles on players’ faces and gets them to the gaming floor faster.

All that is required is for the guest to insert their driver’s license into a reader that will validate the document’s authenticity. Once the information is extracted, it is matched against the CMS to verify if the account exists.

Existing players club account members will then be issued a replacement card on the spot. New members will be taken to know-your-customer software in the kiosk, which will be used to validate new customer information and deliver the card to the guest.

RePrintEnroll kiosks are available in both single hopper and four-hopper models to support multi-tiered players club branding, depending upon the needs of the property.

Development of the technology was a joint venture between CasinoTrac and Centennial Gaming Systems. It came in response to operators who expressed significant interest in the functionality it provides; namely, eliminating player’s club tasks that can tie up the human resources division of a casino operation.

“It is really a very simple commercial model that is easy for operators to justify for a return on their investment,” Baldi said. “We did much design and development around a model that a lot of operators could adopt.

“Not every operator has access to the same staff and capitol as some of the bigger casino companies in the world. The model that we were able to develop has been much more widely accepted across the industry”

ReprintEnroll kiosks function in harmony with CasinoTrac’s KioskTrac product line. The driving force accentuates customer self-service in player loyalty kiosk and promotional kiosk functionality, essentially providing a total player’s club solution that doesn’t require staff.

Interacting with kiosk technology is something with which casino goers have a comfort level based upon experience. Kiosks have long been in use for guests to retrieve their account information and view promotional offers and announcements.

Having the convenience of reprinting players club cards that are often lost or left at home, or even enrolling for the first time, has been received most gratefully across all generations of players who are gradually being drawn into the efficiencies created in the evolving casino environment.

“RePrintEnroll kiosks provide a huge convenience factor that casino goers appreciate,” Baldi acknowledged. “It is a very simple process that takes something like 36 seconds, 25 of which are taken up by the printer to encode the card and the printing of the guest’s name and account number.”

The beauty of the technology is that it is a CMS agnostic solution, giving operators an open door to adopt and capitalize on the value, without having to rip and replace the entire CMS, or be forced to deal with a singular solution, forced on them by the legacy provider.

The JV delivers a DNA-level integration of CMS-agnostic loyalty services and industry-leading innovation of the KioskTrac platform.

Adherence to regulatory controls pertaining to unattended account creation and card re-printing was a priority for CasinoTrac in the release of RePrintEnroll kiosks.

The integration allows the utilization of trusted solutions to abide by regulatory standards to eliminate the creation of illegal accounts. All identification is run through a validation service to guarantee its authenticity.

“In response to the high demand for RePrintEnroll kiosks, our planned inventory includes a standard color set-up,” Baldi said. “If an operator needs one tomorrow, the warehouse is capable of delivering. There is also a full range of customizable colors that can be done to order.”