Focus on Aruze: As AG2, the new Aruze takes gaming global

June 7, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
June 7, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports

The first thing to understand about Aruze Gaming GLOBAL, or the new preferred identity AG2, is that it must not be confused with Aruze Gaming AMERICA, which filed for bankruptcy in February of 2023 and no longer exists.

A completely different company, Empire Technological Group, acquired the Aruze (pronounced Ah-Roo’-Zay) name along with the slot operations and assets in the U.S., Australia, South Africa, and Asia, including all of the slot machine IP and library of interactive games.

Empire Technological Group is the company which also acquired Synergy Blue and re-branded it to Play Synergy. Then, after the acquisition of Aruze Gaming AMERICA assets, they re-branded a third and final time to Aruze Gaming GLOBAL.

Empire Technological Group is keenly aware of the name Aruze, a historic and iconic brand in the gaming industry that is recognized globally for its innovative products and for pioneering many new concepts that became components of slot machine development and manufacture.

Most recently, the popular Muso Curve 55 portrait slant cabinet, as well as some new titles and completely new cabinets, including Speed and HyperSpeed, keep AG2 at the forefront of research and development with their exciting product portfolio.

Lisa Newhouse, Marketing Specialist for Aruze Gaming GLOBAL, is eager for AG2 to resonate with the industry and the gaming community, saying: “Focusing on our mission to give Aruze Gaming GLOBAL a ‘nickname’ by which it can be recognized creates a new identity and a way to communicate that we are doing bigger and better things, and more importantly, that we are here to stay”.

Newhouse acknowledged that the biggest challenge facing Aruze Gaming GLOBAL is establishing a new identity for this historic name, one that is not connected with the bankruptcy that haunts the old brand.

“The reality is that we are a completely new and different company that is committed to taking the Aruze name to new heights,” she said. “By adopting AG2 for our identity, our hope is that this will end the confusion and people will come to the realization that the old Aruze no longer exists and the new AG2 has arrived.”

The new Aruze logo includes the words “Legacy Reborn”, a visual reminder which harmonizes with the AG2 nickname.

“The nickname AG2 stands not only for the two ‘Gs’, Gaming and Global, but the numeral ‘2’ also signifies a next generation of products and a brand with renewed life and vibrancy,” Newhouse explained.

The new name and logo of the company was introduced at G2E last year, but “It was at IGA that we really showcased the full impact of the nickname AG2,” Newhouse said. “Our intention was to ‘blast’ it, which resulted in a lot of views and a lot of eyes focused on us and what we are doing, and our plans to be bigger and better.”

AG2 underscored its presence at IGA with the largest booth the company has ever hosted at the show. New content developed out of the AG2 studios based in the Philippines and Tokyo was unveiled, including 18 fresh new titles.

AG2 displayed its new Speed cabinet, upon which Class II games with six new titles were released. In addition, AG2 showed the HyperSpeed cabinet, with a 43-inch portrait box that includes integrated high-definition sound, Bluetooth, and wireless charging.

The premium Muso 55, a 55-inch portrait cabinet which ranks among the top five in the gaming market worldwide, and the Muso Triple-32, a 32-inch monitor stacked three high, continued to dazzle showgoers.

Last but certainly not least, AG2’s Mensa poker table was on display. This product is an automated progressive designed for poker rooms.

“Moving forward, we will continue to invest in the most innovative product development organization in the industry. Our latest release of games demonstrates convincingly that they have not missed a step.”

One thing is for certain as AG2 continues on a fresh journey into new frontiers with the time-honored Aruze brand: There will be no worries about mispronouncing the name. AG2 will do just fine, thank you.