Focus on Aristocrat: New For Sale Links will be in the spotlight at ICE London

January 19, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
January 19, 2024 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
  • Europe
  • United States

Aristocrat Gaming is committed to broadening its presence in the EMEA region through invigorated capital investment and an expansion of its vast portfolio of products – this commitment and more will be showcased to everyone in attendance at ICE London, which runs February 6-8.

In addition to the company’s latest game developments, technologies and concepts, Aristocrat will fortify its collection of For Sale Link games in Europe with the release of a number of new titles to the market.

Marcel Heutmekers, vice president of sales and operations in EMEA for Aristocrat Gaming, explained that the initiative is the result of rethinking the strategy that made successful games available to customers based solely upon existing business models.

“For us, especially in EMEA, our decision was driven by customers’ feedback,” he explained. “They knew our products were very strong and that they would energize their casino floors, but for different reasons we didn’t offer it. They expressed a desire to own some of the top Aristocrat games to expand their offerings to players.

“In response, we shifted, opening a significant part of our library for purchase. The result is the progressive content that we already have will now be available to the EMEA region. A simple switch in a business model is very impactful.”

For Sale Link games offer customers ownership of Aristocrat content with optional video signage packaging.

Game titles that have been added for ICE London include the highly successful Bao Zhu Zhao Fu family of games, Purple Celebration and Jade Celebration. They are fully linkable to Red Festival and Blue Festival.

Other titles include Big Fu Cash Bats — Bat Blessings & Dragon, and Triple Supreme Extreme – Grand Prosperity and Heart of the Sea.

Also made available both For Sale Link and Stand Alone are Bonus Boost 888 – Dragon & Phoenix, Timber Wolf Chief, and the release of Coin Trio – Fortune Trails & Piggy Burst, which continues to expand further across Europe.

“We are already seeing an enthusiastic response, a sure indicator that customers are really happy with what we have done and what we have to offer,” Heutmekers said. “ICE London is going to be our official launch, where we are going to show numerous new concepts to generate a continuation of enthusiasm from our customers.”

The option of For Sale Link games in Europe, designed to bring a new level of energy to gaming floors across the EMEA region, began at G2E in October of last year with the release of Scorchin’ Fortune, Aristocrat’s first multigame For Sale Link introduced in Europe, and Jin Cai Hao Yun.

These game titles were preceded by the For Sale Link titles, Flamin’ Fortune and Mo’ Mummy.

“Every EMEA market is important to us, every customer is important to us,” Heutmekers said. “Aristocrat is in a very fortunate position to have great relationships with our customers and we are thankful to have a strong position in Europe.”

Heutmekers believes that ICE London will be an important venue to highlight the success of recent product launches across EMEA, while at the same time an opportunity to express appreciation for the support and trust Aristocrat has received from its customers as the company continues to increase its install base from recent product launches.

“For Sale Link games are certainly going to be one of the key components of our show at ICE, but we also have a very balanced portfolio outside of that segment to showcase as well,” Heutmekers acknowledged. “We are indeed proud of our entire line-up. Aristocrat is sending a very balanced message. I have no doubt it is going to be a very successful event.

John G. Brokopp is a veteran of 50 years of professional journalist experience in the horse racing and gaming industries