Flexia Payments introduces InstaPlay, new registration and onboarding module

Flexia Payments introduces InstaPlay, new registration and onboarding module

  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
August 18, 2022 6:19 PM
  • Rege Behe, CDC Gaming Reports
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Flexia Payments Thursday announced the launch of InstaPlay, its new registration and integrated onboarding module of the Flexia Cashless Solution.

InstaPlay enables casino customers to instantly enroll in the Las Vegas-based fintech company’s cashless gaming solution — and a casino’s loyalty and other proprietary systems — in a single automated process.

“This is what will propel true cashless in the casino environment,” said Flexia President Scott Walker in a statement. “We have successfully taken the friction out of the enrollment process and simultaneously coordinated customer enrollment across multiple platforms.   The entire process takes only a few minutes.”

InstaPlay collects customer data and performs KYC (know your customer) and fraud checks through the scan of a QR code in a casino, or through a casino’s website. The system then instantly issues a co-branded multi-account Flexia Prepaid Mastercard in digital and/or physical formats and populates the casino’s CMS and loyalty system with customer data to create an account.

InstaPlay can be applied as a stand-alone solution or fully integrated into a casino’s mobile apps and systems.

“Our InstaPlay module exemplifies the power and flexibility of the Flexia platform architecture,” said Flexia CEO Craig Lisbon. “We designed InstaPlay specifically for cashless gaming, leveraging the combined experience of our team in gaming and transactional platforms to provide the best customer experience and optimal efficiency for the casino operator.”

InstaPlay is available to hundreds of U.S. casinos in an easily customizable fashion.

“We’re excited to demonstrate this at the Global Gaming Expo in October,” Walker added. “We look forward to sharing with operators how easy and effective cashless can be.”

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