Focus on Gary Platt: Durable design and luxurious Pluxe Foam makes the Pesaro bar stool stand out

September 8, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports
September 8, 2023 8:00 AM
  • John G. Brokopp, CDC Gaming Reports

Gary Platt proved to the gaming industry that if you provide quality, comfortable seating on the casino floor, guests will play longer.

Now with the hospitality division in high gear, Gary Platt has also proved that if you provide guests with an ultra-comfortable bar stool, they’ll stay longer.

Enter the Pesaro bar stool, a design that has taken the industry by storm. Word is out that if you wish to upgrade your property’s bars and lounge areas, it is the only way to go.

The comfort, design, and durability that Gary Platt chairs bring to gaming floors world-wide has made a dramatic impact on the hospitality side as well.

Restaurants, lounges, banquet venues, convention centers, hotels, and administrative complexes at properties around the globe have been elevated to style and comfort levels never before imagined.

With a catalog of over 100 different chairs for a wide variety of needs across the entire casino operation, the Gary Platt hospitality division stands alone at the top.

Nima Patel, the Director of Sales and Design for Gary Platt Hospitality, is especially enthusiastic about the Pesaro bar stool, the company’s number one selling bar stool.

“The Pesaro bar stool is designed with Gary Platt’s proprietary Pluxe Foam as an upgrade,” Patel said. “It makes this bar stool comfortable and gives it that luxurious feel that you get with our gaming chairs.”

Pluxe Foam, a re-engineered version of the foam that made Gary Platt famous, is the “secret sauce” that the company introduced to the hospitality line. Its unrivaled comfort and practical sustainability come with an unprecedented 10-year warranty.

“We know casino guests wish to be comfortable, and there’s no better way to assure their comfort than Pluxe Foam,” Patel said.

Gary Platt’s foam is the fundamental differentiating factor that places the company in an unrivaled position of excellence in the industry. The product has demonstrated 20 years of use without “bottoming out” in chairs on the casino floor.

There is nothing quite like Gary Platt foam. It’s a custom blend of cold-cured foam that is injection molded with built-in contours to include lumbar support. The chairs support the activity of guests to alleviate pressure points and allow for complete comfort and ease while sitting.

The comfort level on Gary Platt foam wins ‘sit’ tests 90+ percent of the time. It is the most comfortable seat you can have.

“Our customers also want the chairs they purchase to last a long time,” Patel observed. “You see a lot of bar stools that are made out of wood. When you have staff coming into the properties to clean and vacuum, the stools can get jostled around. Guests also move and rearrange the stools, which makes the wood subject to chipping and scratching.”

The Pesaro bar stool is actually an aluminum frame that comes in various colors of powder coats and wood grain finishes. The Alum-Wood finish application gives you the warm feeling of a wooden bar stool while at the same time has the durability and longevity of a welded metal chair.

The manufacturing process requires a heat-treated layering approach with a transparent top coat that minimizes chipping and scratching. The result is the unmistakable look of a wooden stool without the worry of wear and tear.

The Pesaro bar stool stands the test of time … a very long time. The welded aluminum frame ensures strength, longevity, and durability as well as a classic wood finish with a modern look and feel.

“Seat height and seat width are the most important design factors dimension-wise,” she said. “For example, seat height is normally 19 inches for a dining chair and 30 inches for a bar stool. As far as seat width, we discovered that 19 inches is the most comfortable.

“Some venues will try to maximize seating capacity at the bar, so we’ve actually made a narrower version with a 17-inch seat. This will enable accommodating more guests, yet at the same time can create more room to the left and right of the people that are seated.”

The attention to detail, such as fully contoured framework to fit the foam, ensures that Gary Platt engineered Pesaro bar stools will not break down over time.

Gary Platt chair frames incorporate glides that make the chair easy to move, as well as user friendly when you factor in the wide variety of body shapes and sizes that will be sitting in the chairs.

The frames are built with fully welded construction designed to withstand the 24/7 use the stools will likely receive.

A great amount of investment in engineering, planning, and testing goes into every Gary Platt chair prior to their catalog release, including the Pesaro bar stool. This ensures that the unparalleled comfort guests experience will translate into more time taking in the full casino experience.