Clarion confirms eSports legend and publisher as keynote speakers for CEC Vegas

Clarion confirms eSports legend and publisher as keynote speakers for CEC Vegas

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July 29, 2019 8:14 AM
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Take-Two Interactive Director J Moses and eSports superstar Johnathan Wendel, aka ‘Fatal1ty,’ will be the keynote speakers at the CEC Vegas conference, Sept. 4-5, at Luxor Las Vegas.

Moses is the U.S. publisher the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption and NBA 2K, the latter of which is one of eSports’ most popular online betting titles. He is also director of the ReadyUp platform that was launched by ‘Fatal1ty.’

J Moses

The CEC keynote panel is the first occasion that a publisher and eSports legend have shared their insight on the future of eSports betting in a business-to-business environment.

“It’s incredible to bring J on board for this unique and exciting panel. He has deep knowledge of both the gaming and eSports industries,” said Clarion Gaming Head of eSports William Harding. “This will be the very first time we will be able to listen to a leading eSports publisher discussing the likely route of eSports wagering.

CEC Vegas will feature more than 35 leading experts enable delegates to hear from and network with colleagues who are already in the space and would benefit from their insight and experience. The conference will also feature conversations surrounding new legal developments regarding sports betting in the U.S.

CEC will deliver insight across eight key tracks: Configuring Infrastructure for the New Era; Esports Regulation; iGaming and Online Sports Betting; Investment; Interactive Gaming; Making Money with Esports; Marketing Techniques that Attract Gamer, and Sports Betting.

Johnathan Wendel, aka ‘Fatal1ty’

“Clarion Gaming prides itself on partnering with professional, progressive thought leaders and J embodies that perfectly,” Harding said. “His family are bookmakers and he has 40 years of experience in sports, entertainment, technology, betting and gaming as a CEO, founder, investor, advisor, producer and a director, boasting a deep-dive knowledge of both the casino and eSports industries.

“Up until now, publishers have not publicly spoken about gambling within eSports, to a large extent allowing gambling to go ahead in a laissez-faire manner without much involvement or interference.  However, industry figures such as J own the IP of their games and with that the legal authority to decide if gambling operators can use their data for betting purposes.  With publishers occupying such a pivotal position and being central to the future of the market, this makes it a must attend keynote session for all sectors of the gambling industry.”