Loot boxes under scrutiny in Germany

Loot boxes under scrutiny in Germany

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September 28, 2023 5:07 PM

Ahead of next week’s Federal Congress on Gaming and Gambling in Germany, Gluecksspielwesen.de’s Robert Hess summarises the current stance on loot boxes.

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The controversial issue of regulating loot boxes in video games is once again in the political spotlight, sparking debates across Europe. Across the continent, different countries are finding their own ways of tackling the problem.

While countries like Spain are considering age restrictions on loot boxes, Austria is pursuing a legal channel. This is due to the lack of regulatory efforts in this area so far.

A similar course of action may be required in Germany if the local regulatory authority does not act soon. Possible approaches to this problem were covered in detail in a round table discussion on Gluecksspielwesen.de.