Holland Casino makes workplace diversity top-priority

Holland Casino makes workplace diversity top-priority

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  • Ted Orme-Claye, SBC News
October 11, 2023 7:41 PM

Holland Casino is targeting a more diverse workplace by signing the Diversity Charter, SER’s Diversity in Business initiative.

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The state-owned gaming company, which operates casino venues at 11 locations throughout the Netherlands, has set itself the goal of enrolling at least 50% of its female employees in management development courses.

On gender diversity, the firm also aims to ensure 5% or more of women in its workforce enter or progress into positions of duty manager and operations manager within three years, although diversity is also on the agenda in other areas.

The company strives to be an employer where ‘everyone is welcome and feels safe’, and so is conducting managerial training in this area as well as a biennial integrity survey.