Bally’s team members celebrate Earth Day with clean-up initiatives

April 24, 2024 8:41 PM
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April 24, 2024 8:41 PM

In honor of Earth Day, the Ballyverse, consisting of all of Bally’s participating properties nationwide, joined forces to make a positive impact on the environment through various community clean-up initiatives.

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Bally’s Atlantic City commemorated Earth Day by planting a tulip tree, symbolizing rebirth and renewal, which will bloom annually. Additionally, their dedicated team undertook a thorough garden clean-up and prepared for the arrival of spring after a long winter. Bally’s Atlantic City is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and contributing to the beautification and sustainability of its surroundings.

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Bally’s Dover assisted The City of Dover Parks and Recreation at one of their 28 local parks. In the morning, they conducted a park clean-up, assisted with planting and mulching, and participated in other projects. In the afternoon, they continued their efforts with an Adopt-a-Highway clean-up. Bally’s Dover is dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of their community.

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi partnered with the Mississippi Power’s Renew Our Rivers program for the past 15 years to clean Deer Island, located off the coast of Biloxi, MS. This initiative aligns with Hard Rock’s core value of ‘Save The Planet’ and demonstrates its commitment to environmental preservation.

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Bally’s Corporate, Twin River Lincoln, and Tiverton celebrated Earth Day by organizing clean-up activities in their respective areas. Bally’s Corporate cleaned up the Bally’s Event Lawn, Bally’s Twin River Lincoln focused on Lincoln Woods State Park, and Bally’s Tiverton cleaned up Grinnell’s Beach. These initiatives showcased their dedication to maintaining clean and sustainable environments.

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Bally’s Evansville cleaned up along the riverfront in partnership with Martin Supply Company, who generously donated specialty safety gloves for the event. This collaborative effort highlighted their commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the Riverfront area.

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Bally’s Vicksburg created a Bee Garden near their HR office and Employee Entrance to support pollinators. They also launched a lights-off campaign when team members left the office to conserve energy. Additionally, they participated in the United Way Helping Hands event, contributing to community clean-up and painting projects.

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Bally’s Quad Cities partnered with the Illinois Department of Transportation for a highway cleanup, which demonstrated their commitment to maintaining clean and safe roadways.

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Bally’s Lake Tahoe participated in a beach clean-up event, which contributed to the preservation of the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Their involvement in this initiative reflected their dedication to sustainability and community engagement. They have a longstanding relationship with ‘Keep Tahoe Blue’ and will continue to support future events.

Bally’s Kansas City planted a tree to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, improving air quality, and contributing to the preservation of wildlife.

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Bally’s Shreveport volunteered with Common Ground Community, Inc., an organization dedicated to making a difference in Cedar Grove through compassionate outreach and acceptance of all people. This collaboration showcased their commitment to community service and inclusivity.

Bally’s Black Hawk will participate in the annual community Black Hawk Clean-Up Day on May 30th. As a resort destination, they understand the importance of maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for their guests. They worked together as a community to ensure the city shines when visitors explore Black Hawk.

Bally’s Chicago celebrated Earth Day by distributing seed packets to team members.

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These 2024 Earth Day initiatives demonstrated the commitment of the Ballyverse to environmental stewardship and community engagement, as well as aligning with Bally’s core values of “All One Team” and “You Make a Difference.” By coming together and taking action, they aimed to create a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to do the same