Atrient CEO Sam Attisha has big plans for ICE London

January 23, 2019 5:07 AM
  • Jeffrey Compton, CDC Gaming Reports
January 23, 2019 5:07 AM
  • Jeffrey Compton, CDC Gaming Reports

Gaming solutions provider Atrient has come to dominate the field of casino customer-facing gaming software in recent years, particularly with its promotional and enrollment kiosks. The company remains the market leader in kiosks and the company’s focus on an increase in both player loyalty and operator revenue remains unchanged.

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As Atrient prepares for its second appearance at ICE (February 5-7  ExCel Center, London) , CDC Gaming Reports Publisher Jeffrey Compton discussed the company’s products and strategy with Atrient CEO Sam Attisha.

Compton: 2018 was quite an impressive year for Atrient. We saw you install in some of the world’s largest operator sites, such as Caesars Entertainment, Hard Rock International and expand your footprint with MGM Resorts International. What is next on Atrient’s ‘to do’ list?

Attisha: Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. We did pack quite a bit into 2018. With 2019 well under way, now we have a roadmap to build on top of. We will be back at ICE next month, we have planned installs in Asia, and a new release of PowerKiosk. We will continue to disrupt and innovate; stay tuned for AI.

Compton: Artificial Intelligence? Sam, you can’t tease AI and not tell us more.

Attisha: At ICE, we will be showcasing AI technology that allows operators to offer real-time incentives to patrons by them just walking into a property. They don’t need to swipe a card or even touch a slot machine. You will have to come by our stand at ICE to see it working live!

Compton: That is fantastic. We have seen some vendors display a monitor connected to a camera detecting people’s faces, but it sounds like you have integrated AI into your marketing platform. How do you guys do it? G2E was not long ago, and we saw social promotions, logging on to kiosks with facial recognition, and so much more. Where do you find the time?

Attisha: I have the best team in gaming (jsg). We have the most dedicated and the brightest team I have ever worked with. I have sat in a room where the team doesn’t stop. We get an idea in the morning, and by the afternoon we have a business case and a model on how to build it. We truly seek to disrupt. We are not looking to build what others have. We want to go beyond what people think is possible.

Compton: How does ICE fit in to your 2019 plans?

Attisha: Atrient has worked largely in North America the last decade. We are now in a position where we can sell to and support the global markets. ICE is the gateway to Europe, Asia and Australia.

Compton: What have you done to support these markets?

Attisha: We have expanded our Sales and Support offices. We now have offices in Asia and look forward to expanding our footprint throughout 2019.

Compton: How will you adapt your products to other markets? Can they use your marketing products like they do in North America?

Attisha: PowerKiosk is as robust and flexible as the operator that deploys it. We don’t have a different version for different operators; we integrate all functions in a single product. This helps our operators leverage tools that they previously did not have. Operators in Australia requiring a membership fee for enrollment have that function available because it was created for the Pennsylvania market and can adapt to the needs of other operators.

Compton: Well Sam, you continue to impress me and the industry. I look forward to following you this year and watching as your success continues to grow.