Canada: Rivalry leans on ’90s nostalgia to attract younger audience to icasino

November 16, 2022 10:36 AM
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  • Cory Roberts, CDC Gaming Reports
November 16, 2022 10:36 AM
  • Cory Roberts, CDC Gaming Reports

Older millennials and Gen X may find Rivalry’s new interactive casino interface and advertising familiar.

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Rivalry, a Canadian igaming and sports betting (primarily esports) company, today announced Casino.exe, an icasino platform that gives online gamblers an experience of vintage computing along with appropriately retro branding. Casino.exe includes a retro operating system, built-in MP3 player, big box art styled like ’90s computer titles, and more, along with its WordArt-styled logo.

The in-house developed operating system’s primary goal is to attract players to four new games, including Penalty Shootout, Bomb Squad, Wheel of Time, and Courier Sweeper, as well as existing third-party and Rivalry-developed games, including Aviator and Rushlane.

Think Windows 95 but centered around gambling (and hopefully with fewer Blue Screens Of Death). However, as much as millennials and Gen X may find it familiar, they aren’t the only target – Rivalry says the average age of its gamblers is 25 and 82% are under 30, putting most in Gen Z. However, that is with its current Isle of Man license. With an Ontario license the company says it expects to receive in coming month, its audience may broaden.

“Our technology and creative capabilities continue to drive meaningful opportunities across our business where we can innovate on product and ultimately reimagine the betting experience for a younger audience that craves interactive entertainment,” said Steven Salz, CEO & Co-founder, Rivalry. “The launch of Casino.exe will allow us to further diversify our offering in a way that stays true to our brand and separates our product from others. As we scale thoughtfully into the casino segment, we’ll reduce the impact of seasonality in esports, increase customer value, and offer more stable margin profiles.”

Igaming is becoming a big deal for Rivalry, with its Aviator title generating more than 10% of the Company’s revenue in Q3, with zero marketing spend to boot, since its soft launch in July.

Rivalry says its deepened casino offering is the first step toward a more elaborate expansion into the segment, including launching in new markets, adding additional casino games developed in-house, and further innovating the casino experience for a generation of bettors born on the internet.